Five Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A General Contractor In Fishkill New York

February 24, 2021

Are you planning on hiring a general contractor? That is a smart move, as every home renovation project is time-consuming and requires significant money. These funds should find the best purpose and be spent rationally. So, you need someone who will provide you with the best service for the price you pay.

Hiring a professional to do a home renovation for you can be beneficial in more ways than one. If you know a little bit about general builders in Fishkill, New York, you will know to find someone reliable and reputable. 

On the page below, see when you should think of hiring general contractors:

Look For Real Testimonials

Most people think of referrals as the best way to find the contractor they need. Word of mouth by a friend, relative, or neighbor can be a good starting point, but it should by no means be the only and decisive factor for choice.

If you do not know anyone who could recommend a trustworthy builder, you can rely on the Internet search. There are many websites out there where you can find suggestions on constructors based on your location. Just make sure that the web pages you visit are reputable ones, with high rankings in search engines.

Hiring a beginner in this business, just because you went to school with them or are good friends, is not a good idea. Novices in construction have to start from something and prove themselves to get more clients. But unless you really have no choice, do not hire general contractors without relevant experience.

What you should do instead is to ask for some references. Online reviews and positive experiences of people you know can help. But you should always ask for more — get references for relevant jobs. Ask for contacts of clients who had projects like yours. Get in touch with them and ask about their experience with a particular general contractor.

Find The Right Contractor For Your Project

The term ‘general contractors’ doesn’t make them Jack of all businesses in the construction field. They have knowledge of all areas, but they specialized in certain jobs. It means that a contractor who has done an excellent job of renovating a bathroom with your neighbor may not be a good choice for your home upgrade project.

When looking for a general builder in Fishkill, consider those who have the most projects similar to yours in their portfolios. It means that they have enough experience in these jobs and that they will provide high-quality service. 

Do not hesitate to inquire about contractors’ experience. Ask them about projects similar to yours. It is always safer to hire someone with good background and solid reputation, even when their rates are high. Home renovation is not something you should skimp on, so plan your budget and financing options carefully.

License Is A Must

It is of great importance for you to check out the licenses and insurance that a chosen contractor has. You really shouldn’t risk working with someone who is not supported by the local or state authorities. In that case, if anything happens to your property during the construction, you will not be covered. If you suffer any damage due to negligence or something else, you will not have any compensation. 

For any renovation project in the state of New York, you need a permit. You should apply for it with competent institutions, but keep in mind that the procedure can sometimes take a while. The licensed builder will get all necessary permits before the start of the project. 

Experts from Allseason Contractors advise you to never have any builder start working before you get all required permits and have everything regulated. Penalties for illegal construction are high, and you can face criminal sanctions.

Always check the license number before hiring. It is the information that should be publicly available. Every general constructor should provide you with this number on demand. If not, think of that as a red flag, and proceed to someone else.

License holders should be insured and carry liability for the work they provide. They have to provide you with the policy number so that you can check its validity. You can also use this information to see whether there are any unsolved claims against the contractor of your choice.

Arrange Contract Details

You do not want to work with general contractors who make promises that they cannot keep. You have to be sure that you will get the best service from the company you hired. All details should be outlined in a contract you have to sign with contractors before they start working on your project.

The details of the contract must be clear and concise. That refers to the material (types and quantities), the estimated duration of the project, and the work rate. If there is a chance that the costs will increase, that clause should be in the contract too. 

Make Payment Schedule

When making a contract, agree on the payment schedule, especially if it is a more extensive and complex renovation project.  You should pay a certain percentage to the builder in advance. But the golden rule is that the final payment should not be made until everything is done and you are happy with it. In case of payment issues, contractors in the state of New York have the right to use the mechanic’s lien. More information you can find out at this link.

Make sure that the general contractor you hired will take care of the entire project. Let them engage subcontractors and suppliers, of course, with your supervision and permission. You will not have to deal with several contractors at once. The one you hired will be responsible for the entire project. It saves a lot of time, but also money. 

A general contractor should be able to meet all of the above-mentioned requirements. If they cannot do it, then you should consider hiring another one. As your house should be a safe and comfortable place for living, you must find someone who will do an excellent job and will not endanger your home’s structure and safety.

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