Remote Jobs That Will Help You Travel The World

March 22, 2022

Digitalization brought a lot of benefits for everyone. Students started online classes, which gave them more time to focus on school and their personal lives, workers ditched their boring, small cubicles and started working from the comfort of their own home. Some were thinking outside of the box and they launched the most successful, top OnlyFans accounts that brought them huge cash and fun at the same time.

The following article will feature the top remote jobs that will help you travel the world. You can start them off as a side hustle, and after a while, you will be able to give in your two weeks notice and travel the world while working from your laptop several hours a day. You will even upgrade your vacations from the town over, to the continent over!

Remote jobs that will increase your income 

  • Web development 

Web development is not something you should be taking for granted, but something that requires a higher level of skills and expert knowledge in programming languages. If you are a newbie, then you can find tons of online courses where experts teach you to code step by step. Some of them are completely free of charge, others come with a price. Also, at the end of every course, you can even get a certificate or a diploma which is highly valued in companies. 

If you want to start with coding, you need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, and it would be nice if you have some knowledge in other languages. You will set up your professional profile on platforms such as UpWork and LinkedIn, and you will attach your CV there as well. Now it is time to job hunt and apply to many different companies. The more you apply the greater the chances are that you will be accepted. Money will come over time, and after a few years in the industry you will be able to make up to 7.000$ in the industry, and clients will come to you, not vice versa. 

  • Content writing 

Content writers are of high value to every company that owns a blog, or digital marketing agencies with lots of clients. In general, content writers write on different topics, and a good content writer will deliver the needed project before the deadline, without any mistakes, with good content, and the final outcome should be interesting and engaging to the reader. All articles must include enough information, and they should not be fluffed a lot. On average, content writers are paid around 30$ an hour, which is quite a lot if you think of it in the long run.

When it comes to work, you must not copy-paste on other content, essentially stealing it. You can always do your research, read other articles, and then use them to write your own. In terms of giving articles for free, you can only do that with smaller samples, and in some cases, you can even give out a whole article. But, serious companies will put a price on your samples. That way, they will show you that they value your time and work. Upwork and LinkedIn are the perfect platforms that will give you the opportunity to find some great clients who will give you nice paychecks. 

  • Copywriting 

It is similar to content writing, and it brings a lot of cash as well. The only difference is that except for articles, you will be writing ads, product descriptions, landing pages — you need to be super creative and to think out of the box, but once you get the hang of it, you will see how exciting and easy it really is. On average, copywriters can earn anywhere between 30-50$ per hour. 

  • Photography 

Photography can be a hobby, side hustle, or a full-time job, and it pays good money. The best thing is that you can travel and photograph, and then sell those photos. We must not exclude that photography can become a passive income for you. You can try yourself out on different things, such as photographing people, animals, nature, important events, or moments. Either way, photographers that take pictures of products for big companies make a lot of money, which allows them to travel the world whenever they feel like it. 

Photography can become a passive income as well, with a bit of effort. There are tons of platforms online where you can post your projects, completely free of charge, or with a certain price attached. People can purchase them multiple times, in different sizes, and they, later on, use them for their own cause. The platform will take a certain percentage of the commission, while you will be left with a bigger share of the money. So, what are you waiting for? Remote jobs are waiting for you, and you might have the talent it takes to succeed. 

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