Nine Items You Need To Bring When You Are Traveling With A Pet

March 22, 2022

Many pet parents consider their dogs as precious members of their families. Often, these individuals want to take their furry pals everywhere they go to spend some quality time. If you are such a pet owner, keep in mind that dogs may not necessarily have such positive feelings about traveling. They may not look forward to going on a road trip or boarding a plane because they are not used to new environments or hours of travel. As a result, pets can feel scared or become restless during a trip.

Whether you are traveling by land or air, make sure your dog can stay comfortable and relaxed the entire time. To do that, take note of these items you need to bring when traveling with your canine companion:

Pet Apparel

Even if you are traveling on a relatively warm day, it is a good idea to bring garments — such as custom dog coats, shirts, or sweaters — to keep your pet warm and comfy. This way, you can quickly dress them up in something warm in case the temperature drops during your trip. In addition, dressing your pup in cozy garments with attractive designs is a great way to let your pet travel in style.

A Pet Safety Harness

If you will be going on a road trip with an excitable dog, you need to properly restrain your pup inside of the vehicle using a pet safety harness. This way, you can prevent your pup from distracting you while you drive. These kinds of pet restraints can also keep your dog secured in place, preventing them from incurring any injuries in case of any accidents.

A Pet Carrier Or Crate

If you will be boarding a flight, take note that you may also be required to keep your pet in a crate or carrier at all times. Before your trip, check the airline’s boarding policies regarding passengers that plan to travel with pets. Some airlines allow dogs of a certain size in the cabin or the cargo hold, while others do not allow any pets aboard at all. If you are allowed to bring your fur baby on board, make sure your chosen pet crate or carrier complies with airline regulations.

Food And Treats

When traveling with your pet, bringing an ample supply of food is a must. This will ensure that your canine companion will not have to miss any of their scheduled meals, even if you get held up by flight delays or get stuck in a traffic jam. Remember to pack plenty of your pets’ favorite treats and use them as rewards for good behavior during the trip, too.


Long hours of travel, especially on hot days, can also cause your pet to become dehydrated. To make sure that they get enough water during the trip, always have a bottle of water ready for them to drink from.

A Travel Pet Bowl

Bringing lots of pet food and water will not do your pup any good if you do not have proper bowls for them to eat or drink from. Instead of packing your pup’s bulky food and water bowls, why not bring collapsible travel pet bowls instead? These lightweight and portable products are perfect for taking on trips, because they can be conveniently folded into compact, flat disks after you are done using them.

Waste Bags

Even if you will only be going on a short trip with your dog, make sure you stay a responsible pet parent by bringing some pet waste bags with you. Having these on hand will let you quickly pick up after your fur baby and properly dispose of their waste.

Pet-Safe Wet Wipes

Does your pup tend to track dirt and mud everywhere? If so, it is a good idea to pack some pet-friendly wipes. With these, you can quickly clean up your pet before letting them go back into their crate or carrier, your car, your place of accommodation, or any establishment you are visiting. 

Toys Or Familiar Objects

Staying inside a car or plane for long periods can make certain pups feel restless or anxious, especially if they are not used to being in moving vehicles. They may even bark at or jump on you to get your attention. 

To keep your pet preoccupied while you are in transit, bring a couple of their favorite toys or personal items along. These can be chew toys, plush toys, or even pet blankets they snuggle with at home. Ideally, you should bring toys or items that your pet is already familiar with. When your pup picks up the familiar scent of home from these objects, they may feel a little more at ease.

When traveling with your pet, make sure to prioritize their comfort and safety. The good news is that you can easily do this as long as you bring these must-have items along with you Add these products to your packing checklist today, and you and your furry friend will be sure to have an enjoyable experience no matter where you go next.

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