Traveling With Your Pooch: The Ultimate Dog Vacay Guide

October 16, 2019

Does your heart break into several pieces after you leave your dog in a boarding home? Pet parents are extremely passionate about their pooches, and there is no doubt that leaving them behind can crush you. Sometimes, you cannot help it because travelling with your dog may not seem feasible. However, a dog requires a holiday with his/her family. A family vacation is not complete without your adorable dog and so, we are here with a post that covers the basics of traveling with the little fur balls.

Speak To The Veterinarian

The most important thing to do is to speak to the veterinarian. Is your dog healthy to go on a long drive or fly to a different country? The vet knows your dog the best, and they will do the essential checkups before you and your pooch leave for a holiday. You need to ensure that all the vaccinations of your dog are up-to-date. Airline travel requires carrying health certifications of the dog.

Note: You must do a quick research on the nearby dog hospitals. If you are going to a new country or a city that is a couple of miles away from your home, then do a quick check whether there are dog hospitals in the vicinity or not. You need to be ready for the emergencies.

Carrying Dog Food

It is possible that your dog enjoys fresh chicken or a dog-friendly lamb stew, but you cannot take these along with you in a flight. Carry the regular dog food which comes in dry form. There are sachets of meat gravies that you can keep inside the handbag. When you reach the destination, mix the gravy with dry food and let your dog enjoy a hearty meal. Make sure you are taking his/her favorite meat gravy along.

Since fresh meat and food are not ideal for travel, a good option is an extra delicious, nutritious dog food packed for travel. They last longer than fresh meat and are leagues more appetizing for your dog than dry kibble. Many dogs don’t like to eat when they are outside, but they need to fuel up from time to time during your trip. That is why it is so important to bring a tastier dog food option to stimulate their appetite. 

Note: Carry a doggy bowl with you. Hotel staff or the resort may not give you a separate plate for the dogs. Carry the dog’s utensil along with you. One bowl is enough for this!

Bring Along A Crate

Make sure you start the crate training at a young age. Keep your dog in a crate as this is the safest way for them to travel. The dog will be safe from sudden jerks and the irksome bumpers on the road. The crate should be big enough for the dog to stand, lie down or turn.

Note: Place a comfortable mat or blanket inside the crate. This will make the dog feel comfortable.

Leash And Collar: CHECK

Invest in a durable leash and collar. You are going to an unfamiliar place and keeping the dog close to you on a leash is the best way to keep them safe. Do not let them prance around a park in an unfamiliar setting. They would not know how to get back to their home.

If you’re like most dog owners, you want to make sure your furry friend is stylish and well-accessorized. That’s why you’ll need a few key items, like a collar, leash and bandana. A custom dog bandana is a great way to show off your dogs personality and style. 4inbandana offers a wide range of beautiful custom bandanas that are perfect for any type of dog. Even from festive holiday designs to everyday patterns, they offer perfect custom bandana for your pup.

Planning Bathroom Breaks

Sadly, dogs cannot form sentences. You need to stop the car and take them for washroom breaks. They do not have the power to hold their pee for long. Make sure you get out of the car every 1.5-2 hours. Let the dog walk and soak in the fresh air.

Choosing A Dog-Friendly Hotel

You can check the Top 15 pet-friendly hotels in Portland, Oregon to pick the best dwelling for your dog and you! Simply call the hotel or resort before booking a room. You can also type dog friendly hotels in the search engine and find the best options.

Leaving your dog behind is not the wisest decision. Sometimes you can plan a holiday with them! Unfortunately, dogs live for about 15-20 years, and it is our responsibility to make them a part of the family in every possible way. Taking them for a family getaway is one of the nicest gestures. It clearly tells the world that you love your dog and consider him/her a part of your pack.

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