Where Can Frugal People Retire in 2022?

March 25, 2022
Frugal People

Frugal People

Part of what motivates a person to be so frugal with money is the hope that their financial future will remain secure. But unfortunately, retirement is one of those milestones that can typically only be enjoyable when one has a solid financial plan. 

Some people also plan for a change of scenery to unwind and enjoy when they retire, and there are several locations that people are considering for retirement in 2022.

If you are planning on retiring in 2022 and you’re unsure what your next steps will be, there is some information to keep in your back pocket to make smart financial decisions while also rewarding yourself for being so frugal. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is on many people’s bucket lists to visit, but more are learning about the quality of life for retireesthere. 

  • A very peaceful country, Costa Rica has a lot of exciting things to see and people who want to help you get used to the country.
  • The country is also very progressive and affordable, and amenities such as healthcare and real estate are also quite affordable. Much of its natural beauty is protected and keeping the integrity of these habitats for many local animals is a high priority. 
  • The Costa Rican food, culture, and lifestyle are friendly, engaging, and diverse, making it a perfect place to sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


Spain is a breathtaking country that might seem like an expensive place to live, but it is very affordable for those who know how to spend smart.

  • The country is quite affordable in terms of living costs, and it also has a lot of modern amenities for retirees to enjoy. 
  • The weather is also spectacular, with most days boasting beautiful sunshine to soak inwhile walking along the beach or exploring the brilliant architecture throughout the country. However, while the beach areas are beautiful, there is much more to Spain than hot weather and sand.
  • The food is also spectacular, as is the nightlife. If you love to dance to some energetic music, Spain is the place for you to settle down after a lifetime of working. 


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Uruguay is the perfect country to consider for retirement if you enjoy beautiful blue beaches but do not want to deal with many people on the beach all the time. In addition, it is nestled between Argentina and Brazil, providing some excellent travel opportunities. 

  • In Uruguay, you also get that feeling of being on vacation all the time, but without the constant heat. While it does get hot in the summer, you can also enjoy all four seasons there. 
  • Uruguay also boasts a pretty optimal standard of living, as the government takes excellent care of its citizens. Furthermore, there are not many public health risks in the country or any risks from natural disasters, despite where it’s located. 


Panama is an ideal place to retire if you want to feel like everyday’s a vacation.

  • The scenery is breathtaking, and the weather is relatively easy to predict. You will also appreciate how clean the beaches are, one of the major draws for retirees to the country. Furthermore, Panama keeps its beaches and the overall environment very clean. 
  • Many will live on the outskirts of the major cities and take a bus into the city’s core for entertainment, outdoor activities, and more.
  • It is an affordable country to live in a while feeling like you are on a luxury getaway, and the country is also very safe to relax and unwind in. 


Portugal is a stunning European oasis full of friendly people, delicious food, and long stretches of gorgeous beaches. While the beauty is enough to entice people to retire there, it is also affordable to move there, and the amenities available are also affordable, such as healthcare. 

  • One nice perk about living in Portugal is that many folks living there know at least some English. So, if you want to learn Portuguese, you will be pleased to know that the government has helped subsidize language lessons for those who move there and want to learn. 
  • The transportation system in Portugal is also great, so you can get around the country without needing a car, limiting your expenses even more. However, there are so many stunning cities and neighborhoods throughout Portugal that choosing where to establish roots might be challenging. 


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France is also a beautiful European country that is more affordable to live in than one might assume. This is especially true if you are okay with living outside some more tourist-driven cities, such as Paris. 

  • Many communities nestled throughout France offer breathtaking scenery, many natural wonders, and architecture to admire.
  • It’s also reasonably easy to travel throughout France, so you do not have to miss out on some of the beachy areas or busier cities that can be less affordable to retire in. 
  • The French countryside is one that many more retirees choose to call home, with the charming atmosphere, friendly people, and quiet villages.
  • Additionally, their healthcare system is one of the most affordable globally. 


Malta isn’t too far from Italy, being a country nestled along the water for a home away from home that is not too far from some more touristy countries in Europe.

  • The country is not densely populated, but the people who live there are kind and friendly. 
  • You will love the variety of history in the country, which has been around for a long time and has been influenced by people worldwide.You also get a nice mixture of busier cities and more quiet outskirts, making it easy to escape or indulge in the liveliness of a city when you choose to. 

Retire Well In 2022

It’s essential to take the time to plan and do thorough research when deciding where to move when you retire. You are already accustomed to living frugally and have enough saved to enjoy your life after work thoroughly. Thankfully, you might never have imagined that so many countries

With all you’ve accomplished over your years of working and living frugally, you deserve to enjoy your retired life in a beautiful home with a rich culture.

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