Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Chair Covers in Top Condition 

April 6, 2022
Chair Covers

Chair Covers

All event managers use chair covers to lend an elegant look to the chairs that may otherwise have a battered look due to repeated use. It is also common to use chair covers to set the event theme. Even at home, you may like to use slipcovers for your outdoor furniture to hide the wear and tear it undergoes when left out in the open for months. However, it is common for the covers to become dirty and stained with repeated use. You need to follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep them looking good. Some handy tips:

Use Strong Fabrics to Minimize Maintenance

You should focus on a fabric that lasts long and is easy to maintain. Typically, you should avoid natural fibers like cotton and linen or delicate fabrics like silk even if they look and feel great. Polyester or polyester blends are the best because of several reasons. Polyester or polyester blend covers are strong and resist wear and tear. Their tight weave does not allow dust and dirt to become embedded in the fabric, making the slipcovers easy to clean. According to Lafayette, polyester fabrics do not stretch, shrink, or wrinkle. They are also more fade-resistant, which is useful considering, you use the chairs extensively outdoors.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule 

You should clean the covers regularly or when there are visible signs of dirt and stains. Many event managers make it a point to have the covers machine washed once every couple of months or more frequently during the busy season. Depending on the fabric, you may need to dry clean a chair coverItcan be expensive, but the exclusive covers fetch higher rentals. Home users can keep a commercial cover cleaner at hand for attending to stains immediately after a food or beverage spill. If you are washing the covers at home, you should use cold water and a gentle detergent. While washing by hand is preferable, use the gentle wash setting if you are using the washing machine. Make it a point to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and stay away from harsh cleaners and detergents, especially those containing chlorine or ammonia.

Store Covers Properly

Before storing them away, you must clean the covers. It is good practice to clean them immediately after the event to avoid the dirt becoming encrusted or stain drying up and becoming hard to remove. Also, ensure that the covers are completely dry to avoid mold and mildew that damage the fabric. Ironing the covers before keeping them away helps prevent creasing and wrinkling that can require a lot of time and effort to remove before the next event. After cleaning, drying, and folding the covers, you should keep them away in plastic storage bins and not cardboard cartons that are susceptible to damp, insect, and rodent attack according to CTN News.


Cloth covers for chairs are extremely useful at events and home when you need to throw a party for many people. If you choose the baric widely, you will be able to enjoy years of service, especially if you follow a regular maintenance schedule.

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