Pros and Cons: Buy Tie Dye T Shirts Or Bulk T Shirts And Dye Them By Yourself

April 15, 2022

Tie-dye is a style of clothing that is popular these days. There are many people that make their own tie dye t shirts but they do take some time and energy. Alternatively, you can buy bulk t-shirts and dye them yourself. Let us see the advantages and the disadvantages of dyeing them at home or buying them already printed. You will get some information about the process of dyeing, about the costs and the satisfaction level, so in the end, you will be able to make a suitable decision for you.

What are tie dye t-shirts and how to wear them?

Tie dye is a method of textile decoration in which the yarn or cloth is tied together in order to create designs. This creates a soft, faded pattern that will not fray with washing. To make your own shirt, tie one end of the yarn to something heavy like a chair leg and wrap it around the fabric until you get the design you want.

One way to wear your tie dye t-shirts is to pair them with a leather jacket and with classical jeans. Tie dye t-shirts are suitable for casual situations, and definitely you gain all the attention with your unique design t-shirt. Another idea about how to wear them is with a group: even if we talk about your work team, your kid’s classmates invited to a party, or just members of your family, it is fun to wear these colorful t-shirts. Online you can also find a lot of ideas about how to pair tie dye.

Buy bulk t shirts and tie dye them yourself

If you want to buy t-shirts, but also want to personalize them, then buying bulk t shirts and dyeing them yourself is the best option. Among the advantages of dying your own shirts is that these will save you money compared to buying pre-dyed shirts in a store. For example, if you bought 10 pre-dyed shirts from a store, each shirt would cost $50 at most. However, if you tie dyed your own from bulk t shirts, it would cost between $3-$5 per shirt. Another advantage is that if you decide to dye your shirt, the final result will be a unique design, made by yourself. So, the satisfaction would be greater. And if you love the process and the designs, you can think about having a private collection, signed by you.

In terms of disadvantages, the process of dyeing your own t-shirts takes time and effort, despite the fact that it can be very fun for some people. Using dye, it can also be messy, you need to wear gloves and to protect your clothes. It also requires a lot of patience and exercise, because the first t-shirts may not be exactly what you have imagined.

Buy some nice printed tie dye t shirts

Buying a few nice tie dye t shirts is a great way to get started. This will allow you to dabble with the process and figure out how to mix colors and depth of designs before you buy a bunch of t-shirts and try to dye them yourself. So, alternatively you can choose to buy them already printed. You can choose from a great variety of colors and designs, so do not worry about finding something that you really like. Another advantage is that these shirts are printed using professional technique and they will last long and the dye will not wash in time. 

Obviously, the only disadvantage would be the price. A printed shirt costs about $50 and if you really like them and want to have a little collection, you should invest some money. You will also lose the satisfaction of wearing your own design.

Is tie dye style still in fashion 

Tie dye t shirts were a hot commodity in the 70s. Nowadays, you may think that people may not be as interested in tie dye shirts and if you want a new look for your t-shirts, dyeing them might be the way to go. Well, this might be a misconception, taking into consideration that even celebrities adopted tie dye style and they are still wearing it. Because tie dye style gives you a fresh look, it will always be in fashion. Among the many celebrities, you can notice Pink or Jennifer Lopez having a relaxed walk or going to the gym dressed in their tie dye hoodies. Some others have participated in gales, with their tie dye dresses. So, this style suits very well for all kinds of occasions, it is not necessary only a casual style or a party style. Just be creative and find the suitable color and pattern for the occasion.

Bottom line

Tie dye t shirts are a type of shirt that is dyed after it is manufactured. This process can be done in the home or with a business. But you can also choose to buy an already printed t-shirt, in this fancy tie dye style.

Dyeing the shirts can be time consuming and messy so think about that before diving in. It can take up to three hours if done by hand or five minutes if using a machine. The prices for dyeing vary depending on what kind of fabrics you are using, but most likely you will spend about 4 $ per shirt. Consider also the costs with the dye. But still, dyeing the t-shirts is more cost effective than purchasing all new ones, which can cost even $50 per shirt. It’s also good for the environment, because it conserves resources by reusing old clothes.

Now, that you have an idea about the pros and the cons of dyeing your own shirts, and if you are interested in learning more about tie dye t shirts on bulk t shirts, we suggest visiting YouTube, because there are plenty of tutorials for everyone, no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced artist.

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