5 Different Ideas to Work with Outdoor Tree Trunk Decor

April 18, 2022

If you are looking for creative tree truck ideas, then you come in right place. You can transform your tree trunk into artwork for your outdoors. Apart from it, if you had a spare tree trunk for years and you tried to overlook it. With some creativity, there are a few things that you can try with a tree trunk for your outdoor:

Decor Ideas With Tree Truck

1. Use as a Planter:

One of the simple things that you can do with a tree stump is to change it into a unique planter for your favorite foliage and flowers. With this, you can add a natural look to your gardens. You only need to hollow out the center of your stump with the help of a mattock and axe. After this, fill the bottom of the hole with handfuls and grit of gravel and add potting soil before planting up. You can also use it to make the planter boxes for trees.

2. Convert Into Fairy Castle:

A garden is a real place of imagination and wonder for children. If you are looking for something to keep your children entertained out in the fresh air, it is best to use tree stumps as outdoor tree truck decor and transform it into a magical fairy castle. You can give a more attractive look and enhance the beauty of your garden with a roof made of succulents, floral window boxes, and pebble pathways.

3. Make a Dustbin:

Dustbins are one of the useful ways to make the best use of tree stumps. They are used to keep the trash and rubbish in your outdoor. You can provide them to your garden by converting a tree stump into a dustbin. In order to make this, you only need to hollow out the center of the tree stump and place it in the corner of your garden. This idea is not only practical for your place but also provides a luxurious touch to your outdoors.

4. Place For Bird Feeds:

If you like the cheering of birds and attracting them to your garden, it is nice to convert your tree stump into a place for bird feeds. It is the best idea to make the perfect use of tree stumps without any effort. Apart from it, in the summer you can use tree stumps to keep the drinking water for birds.

5. Use Stump Tree as Table:

If you want to add a rustic look to your garden, use a spare stump tree as a table. For this, give the top of your stump tree good sand and make sure it’s flat. Once it is ready, you can place it in the center of your garden where you mostly like to sit. Enhance the look of your garden with wooden themed chairs with it. It is a better place to enjoy a cup of coffee and tea in the summer evening with enjoying nature.

Bottom Lines

These are some creative ideas for the tree trunk. You can try them to make your outdoors more attractive and pleasant.

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