Up Your Styling with These Advices Shared by Pro-Stylists

April 19, 2022


A few people have the talent to switch up a simple clothing piece to something that looks fashionable just by pairing it with the right things. Others like me spend a lot of time in their sweatpants just for the sake of comfort and also because styling may not be our greatest strength. If that is the case with you, do not hesitate to read further as you will definitely get many expert pieces of advice from pro-stylists that will help you up your fashion.

1. Pop on a Belt:

Belts are highly underrated. When you think of a look, you may just skip the kind of belt that would enhance the entire look. This is a small part of the outfit that can make a big difference. Even a simple outfit can be elevated by adding a textured belt or the one with embellishment. You can also easily change your work look to an evening look by adding a belt to it if you need a quick look change.

2. Try a Vintage Look:

It is good to change your look entirely by dressing up inspired by a different era. Vintage clothing is in nowadays, and you can quickly get one to look not the usual. Just get vintage dresses or add a vintage cardigan on top of your tees, and you will up your look in a minute without breaking the bank.

3. Go Monochrome:

Mixing and matching pieces can be tricky, especially when you do not have a great fashion taste. If you are unsure, better head out in the same color attire from head to toe. It looks chick, and you can accessorize the look to make it all the more enjoyable. A monochrome look also works when you want to highlight a piece of jewelry or a handbag, as it does not look distracting.

4. Get Comfortable with Sneakers:

You do not always have to head out in your heels, especially when you find it tough to walk wearing one for more than 20 minutes. It is better to pair your dress with eye-catching sneakers which are comfortable and good for your feet.

5. Use a Tape Measure for Online Shopping:

When buying clothes online, you need to be extra cautious about sizes. Though most online stores offer an exchange or a return, it will only be a hassle. Also, different brands have different sizing charts; hence, ensure to measure your size with a tape before ordering something online. Memorize your shoulder, waist, bust, and hip measurement and note them down somewhere to make online shopping easier.

6. Do Not Mix Too Much:

Sometimes mixing colors and patterns can get overwhelming. The thumb rule is to stick to a maximum of two prints or colors to mismatch. Do not add a third, or it will look chaos more than fashion.

Ending Note- Do Not Forget to Match Your Mask:

It can get frustrating as hell, but masks are not going anywhere soon. Especially when a new variant of the virus is again spreading worldwide. The usual surgical mask looks ugly and can spoil your entire look; hence, switch to fabric masks with cute prints that match your outfit and look like a part of it. Ensure it fits your face right, though, because safety tops fashion any day.

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