5 Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Value

October 10, 2022

What upgrades are the most valuable investment in increasing a home’s value? Homeowners frequently ruminate on the merits of various renovation projects, such as a kitchen makeover, flooring installation, patio construction, basement completion, etc.

The rate of a property depends on several factors, such as the local demand, the renovations you make, and of course, the location. Like, homes are selling for absurdly high prices in the red-hot Denver real estate market in Colorado, and purchasers are getting increasingly desperate for a place to call home.

So does that mean your house will sell at a good price no matter what condition it is in if you’re in Denver? Nope.

Don’t always count on getting the price you desire in a seller’s market because markets shift and vary. Instead, putting money into renovations can sometimes be the most effective strategy to raise the value of your house. So let’s look at some home improvement ideas to help achieve that.

  1. Update Your Home’s Finishes

Give your house a better look with a fresh coat of paint. Buyers always prefer investing in a place in good condition. Furthermore, a new paint job gives the house a clean and updated look making a potential buyer want to bet on your home. So focusing on the exterior finishes is as vital as the interior renovation.

A home improvement company could help you more with what you might need to invest in. So if you’re selling your house in the challenging Denver real estate market, consult home improvement companies in Denver to give you ideas that offer a few changes and increase your house’s overall market value.

  1. Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

No one expects you to remodel your kitchen or bathroom entirely, but a few minor renovations can increase the price. The goal is to improve the cosmetics and make your kitchen and bathroom look updated.

You can opt to change the flooring of your kitchen or get a new backsplash to make your kitchen look updated. As a seller looking to get a great price, you should try and refinish the kitchen cabinets. If you have a higher budget for renovating your kitchen, you can also opt to change the countertops to give your kitchen a brand-new look. Also, if your kitchen sink is staining, get a new one to provide an excellent finish. All these changes will boost your kitchen’s cosmetic look, and you will not have to alter its layout.

Now, while renovating your bathroom, remember that small changes go a long way. For example, you can change the old light fixtures or get new energy-efficient faucets. You can also replace the wallpaper of your bathroom with a new one with a textured finish to give your bathroom a modern look.

  1. Make your Curb Appeal Better

Put in a little effort and make your house look more appealing, as attractive places sell faster at a better rate. You can increase the rate you sell your home by thousands of dollars just by investing a few hundred dollars in essential exterior work to boost curb appearance.

You can do this by adding some greenery and cleaning out your yard. Plant a few plants in your garden but do not go for any plant that needs a lot of care. Your goal should be to make your house look prettier without giving out a vibe that says high maintenance because young buyers do not like investing in places that are difficult to maintain. They need to have the assurance that they can easily handle the landscaping.

  1. Increase Functional Living Space

Make use of that empty basement or attic, and do not let that extra space go to waste. Renovating these spaces is a great way to increase the functional living space of your house and show buyers that there is a lot to offer when it comes to purchasing your home. 

You can turn the attic into an extra bedroom or a workout space that can be personalized. You can turn the basement into a family or living room where everyone can gather and spend quality time together. You can add new lighting and add new floors to give these rooms a chic look and expand the footprint of your house. Extra versatile space will make your home stand out and attract more buyers who will offer a considerable amount.

You can also utilize that extra space in your garage by having a small home office. Many people still work from home after the pandemic, and a home office would be the perfect little personal touch for them to go ahead and bid on your house.

  1. Inspect Your House

Now, this little idea is essential for your house’s well-being whether you want to sell it or not. Always inspect your home or ask a professional to check it regularly because you never know what little problem is hiding in your house.

It can be a small water leak, creating huge, expensive problems for you in the long run. 

It can also be a pest infestation that needs your attention. After all, pests can cause many diseases and affect your house’s structure. In addition, if a potential buyer finds a pest in your home, they will not want to buy it. 

Also, ensure your roof is not deteriorating from anywhere, even if that place can hardly be seen. You want to give your house a well-maintained look which can only be achieved if you do not have any of the problems mentioned above.


Pay attention to all the rooms when making changes because you want the vibe of your house to match completely. For example, just renovating your kitchen or bathroom and leaving the rest of the house as it is will make it seem like your house is a work in progress and needs more time to be renovated. The result will be that your house will not have enough potential buyers to negotiate with, and your home will be in the market for too long (dreadful). So, bring in minor changes that will not create a dent in your pocket and make a buyer offer more than what you had in mind when you first began reading this article.


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