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April 21, 2022

Most Schools Aren’t As Good As You Think…

The education system has taken a massive hit in recent years. This is a phenomenon that is becoming prominent throughout the world. A very evident reason for this is that schools are no longer made for education. The schools we see today are rather made for business. They cram multiple students and place a board on the building, then call it a day.

Gone are the times of quality education…

Gone are the times of individual attention…

Or are they?

You see, where other schools have decided to just be a business, Cozy Time has decided to be better.

Our School Is More Than Just Better…

Children grow so fast, both physically and mentally. It is important that children receive the proper training for all disciplines in life. Even if one aspect, physical or mental, is left behind, it can cause issues. The best thing about the human mind is its ability to adapt. Our brains undergo a process of growth called Neuro-Plasticity. The brain has many different electrical channels which transmit messages from one place in the body to the other. During our childhood years, we are growing new parts of the communication bridges. The better schooling children receive, the better their growth is.

The neurochemistry and Psychology behind the process of neuronal growth are fascinating. The way the curriculum is designed at Cozy Time helps in making these processes of growth much smoother.

Montessori In All Its Glory

By now, everyone is aware that children grow at different rates. While the most only focus on the physical part, the mental part undergoes the same approach. The reason why Montessori is so effective lies in its mission. As children grow at varying rates, they should not be fit into a single measuring tool of success. 

A child that is performing well and out of the current class will be promoted to the next. This performance-based education leads to many good returns. Children who have more need time and are generally slow learners can focus on getting their basics strengthened. It helps them get the required attention and teaching they need.  

Individual Attention Is A Tool For Better Growth

Once there was a great psychologist by the name of Vygotsky. He gave the concept that there is a zone of development for children and that knowledge accumulated during it would mean great things. After years of research also found Neurochemical reasons to verify his finding as well. he believes that children are the best candidates for knowledge and will be more susceptible to it in the presence of a mentor.

The modern era has even schools throwing individual attention out of the conversation. Cozy Time does not feel the same way, and we believe that children need the best education. So, at Cozy Time, the focus is on every child in class and not just the one class. If a child is stuck and is unable to understand, our capable teachers will make sure that they understand with ease.

Cozy Time, Learn With Joy

When Maria Montessori created her curriculum, the main focus was on educating children with joy. Children are bright and light-hearted. They enjoy life as we are unable to after growing up. The approach that she started is what is being used at Cozy Time. We have daycare services, open Montessori classes, and much more. We know that proper nutrition is important, and we have the best food available at Cozy Time.

Cozy Time provides the education your child deserves…

Don’t believe us; check it out for yourself…


Business Name: Cozy Time – Vaughan DayCare Montessori Centre

Address: 9222 Keele St, Concord, ON L4K 5A3, Canada


Phone: 416 602 3811



Business Email:

Opening Hours: Monday –Friday; 7:30 AM–17:30 PM

Payment Method:  Mastercard, Visa, Cash


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