Best Basement Renovation Companies In Canada

April 22, 2022

Basement renovations can be a hassle if the renovation company isn’t capable enough…

So if you want the most capable company for your renovation needs then…

Capable Group is what you were in search of!


Our Services Are More Than Just Demolishing…

If you want to renovate your old place, chances are it looks weary. There are cracks or torn paint, maybe even mold of some kind. Most of the time, the people living in the house don’t even know how bad it has gotten. But there is a secret, and not many renovation companies know how bad the damage is either. You see, while most of them look for damages on the outside, a house also ages from its internal structure.

Here at Capable Group, we analyze the house by taking the structural integrity of its parts. This tells us how much wear and tear renovation the house can take. It is also a good indicator of what kind of renovation the house can tolerate. We apply the appropriate fixes to help bring back the glory of the house which was once lost.

Beauty And Glory Await For Your House

We offer many services but perhaps the most important aspect shared by all of them is our pricing. The costing method that we have applied over the years has been completely transparent. This helps us in giving you the most accurate estimate for renovations. But the fun part lies in the fact that we charge only thirty-five to forty Canadian dollars per foot.

Want To Know What Is Included In That Pricing?

As mentioned above, we just don’t renovate your house superficially. The goal of our services is to effectively de-age your house. That means we look at the internals of the place you want to get renovated. Once the analysis part is done, it’s time for some renders to be made.

Change Your Future With Capable Group

So, You Must Have Many Ideas For Your Renovation, Right?…

And you only chose one…

Because you didn’t know if it would work…

Well, no need to do that when you hire the most capable people on the market. Capable Group uses a technology called 3-D rendering. This enables you to see your designs in live view of your house. Essentially, you can look into the future look of your room. There are many perks to this feature used by Capable Group. It enables people to edit the future appearance of their renovation. They can effectively make changes to add in more functionality or to remove something that looks terrible. You can choose the theme you want to apply and see if it fits.

This is one of the things that set their services apart from the others on the market. Imagine being able to see your basement exactly the way it will be after the renovation is complete, putting your mind at ease.

Easy Come, Easy Build, And Easy Go

At this point, you know that Capable Group is the best in the market. But here is some more knowledge for you to be showered with. The majority of the companies in the renovation business give no accurate timeline of the renovation. This is a big problem for many who are looking to renovate just one room. They also don’t conduct a thorough clean-up before their departure.

Capable Group believes in serving the customer all the way. As easy it was for us to enter the house and demolish it, as easy it is when the work is done. We conduct a complete clean-up of all materials, junk, scraps, and equipment. This part of our service is also mentioned in the renovation timeline we provide.

It just doesn’t get any more capable than Capable Group.

Follow the links and see if you want to avail our capable services:


Business Name: Basement Renovation Showroom in Woodbridge  Capable Group

Address: 830 Rowntree Dairy Rd Unit 23, Woodbridge, ON L4L 5V3, Canada


Phone: (905) 889-0025


Location: Basement Renovation Showroom in Woodbridge ???? Capable Group

Business Email:

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday; 10:00 AM–8 PM

Payment Method:  Master card, Visa, Cash

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