7 ways to create more storage space in your home

April 22, 2022

storage space in your home

No matter how much space you already have, you’ll always want a little bit more. Instead of having to fork out for an even bigger living space, here are some tips to help you create extra storage space with the room already available to you.

1. Declutter

Most people highly dislike decluttering, so this might not be what you wanted to hear, but the number one way to make more space is to get rid of some stuff. Go through your home room by room and declutter as much as you can. Once you’ve done this you’ll be in a better position to really maximise your space.

2. Consider a range of storage solutions

Clear plastic containers are recommended by professional organisers because they allow you to see the inside of the container, so it’s easier to find the items you’re looking for when you need to take them out again. They’re also small and easy enough to tuck away when not in use, so make use of smart storage solutions like these wherever possible.

3. Make the use of your (vertical) space

It’s easy to forget about all the vertical space you can make use of in your home. Walls are a great place to store items that take up a lot of your floor or cupboard space. Again, clear storage containers can be stacked on the floor as an aesthetic alternative.

It is important to note that you should steer clear of storing heavier items in higher spaces because you’re at risk of being injured if they do decide to tumble down on you.

4. Invest in self-storage facilities

If you simply don’t have enough room in your home even after decluttering, rather than struggling with clutter, consider renting an off-site storage unit for some of your items. You might have items you don’t immediately need but also don’t want to get rid of, so this is the perfect in between solution.

5. Utilise your loft space

You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in your loft space if you take care to store it properly, instead of just chucking everything in there and hoping for the best. Loft converters like Instaloft can help you to make the most of your storage space through raised loft boarding that prevents damp and condensation issues.

Label your boxes before putting them in the loft for easy retrieval and voila – you have another whole room for storage.

6. Storage beds

Bedrooms are usually the rooms most in need of additional storage, so a storage bed is a great solution for storing a range of items. From shoes to clothes and beauty products, storage beds are guaranteed to save you a lot of time and space.

7. Smart shelving

The beauty of shelving is that it can be installed almost anywhere in the home and takes advantage of vertical space rather than taking up floor space. You can hang rails, drawers or even shoe racks onto walls to make the most of every last inch of available space in your home.

As you can see, there are a range of ways to create more storage space, no matter how small your home is.

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