The Birth of Sage: Origin, Meaning, and Psychology

April 25, 2022

Sage is a dark gray-green hue that resembles the color of dried sage leaves. Citron and slate are both present in equal measure in this quaternary hue. Sage green’s hex color code is #B2AC88.

A sage is someone who is revered for his or her knowledge, judgment, and life experience. Sage green, on the other hand, is a hue that conveys wisdom. In addition to conveying tranquility and expansion, the color green also evokes thoughts of ecology and the natural world. Let’s talk more about the color sage.

Sage Color Meaning

The Origin of Sage Color

Sage Color Meaning


Sage green is a hue that has been around for a long time because of its resemblance to dried sage leaves. Since ancient times, green pigments have been a popular hue in art. Even yet, it wasn’t easy to produce green pigments for painting. In fact, green pigments were long regarded as some of the most toxic in history.

Many historians believe Napoleon Bonaparte’s death was caused by a lethal green dye called Scheele’s Green, which contained arsenic. Bonaparte’s bedroom was painted with the fatal color, possibly contributing to the revolutionary’s death in 1821.

The Color Psychology of Sage

As a pale color, sage symbolizes progress but also denotes inexperience and immaturity. It’s a hue associated with new beginnings. As a general rule, green is always associated with rebirth.

Sage green brings a sensation of calmness and relaxation that is instilled in the mind and body. It represents life since it is the most prevalent hue in nature. Because of its freshness and natural connotations, the color green tends to elicit sentiments of safety and tranquility in people.

All shades of green have a calming effect on the mind and body. Green is commonly linked to stability and durability. The energizing properties of green are due to the fact that one of its constituent colors, yellow, is a vivid and lively tone.

Green also has relaxing qualities because of its blue overtones. It is known to reduce feelings of stress and despair.

Green Personalities


Since green personalities tend to be analytical, rational, and intellectual, the hue green resonates with the left side of the brain. Perfectionists with a great deal of appreciation for fine details are often found among them. Because of this, they tend to be excellent researchers.

As a result of their strong-willed personality, they do not accept authority well. When it comes to romantic relationships, they often lack passion, but they make up for it with devotion, respect, and a keen awareness of their partner’s wants and needs. Taking care of others brings them immense joy. They even put their own needs on the back burner to care for those closest to them.

In spite of this, their greatest power is most evident in times of crisis when their calm and focus win over fear and terror. Green personality types are often peacemakers and diplomats. A strong sense of right and wrong and a willingness to make judgments based on facts are two characteristics that distinguish them.

The Use of Sage Color


In business, green represents growth, richness, and success, just like it does in nature. Green is a calming hue that helps alleviate workplace tensions due to its pleasing aesthetic. It’s a win-win situation for both staff and consumers since it makes customers feel safe and protected while they’re doing business.

Furthermore, as the hue of harmony and tranquility, green supports decision making. Because it encourages a healthy diet and lifestyle, the healthcare and food industries use the color green in branding and design. This is especially true when it comes to sage green, which is associated with growth and freshness.

Green is the only hue that evokes favorable business outcomes as strongly as it does. However, it also highlights the importance of profitability. Bright or vibrant greens that draw attention and make a statement are regularly used for this purpose.

Green colors that are a shade or two lighter are associated with nature, health, the environment, and relaxation. Health, serenity, and harmony are all conveyed through light shades of green like sage green.


As you can see the color sage is rich in history and has lots of meanings. We hope you enjoyed this article about sage and that you can find ways to incorporate this beautiful color into your life.


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