Hawaii vacation trips – How to get the best value for money without spending a fortune

September 27, 2018

The attraction of Hawaii’s natural beauty is intoxicating which is the reason why everyone dreams of Hawaii vacations.  Arguably, Hawaii islands, the 50th State of the US outside North America are nothing short of a paradise on earth. Tourists flock to the archipelago that consists of eight main islands of which seven have permanent inhabitants.  Hawaii or The Big Island is the main island from which the archipelago derives its name and includes the islands of Maui (The Valley Isle), O’ahu (The Gathering place), Kaua (The Garden Isle), Molokai (The Friendly Isle), Lana (The Pineapple Isle), Ni’ihau (the Forbidden Isle) and Kaho’Olawe (The Target Isle).

Living on an island is an experience that is one of its kinds for people who are used to the urban lifestyle in the busy metro cities across the world. It provides a unique opportunity of not only getting close to nature but also to relax and soak in its beauty that has a rejuvenating effect on the body and mind.  The sunshine and the blue waters of Hawaii lined with its gold cost beaches against the backdrop of invigorating greenery create an irresistible attraction which makes it a great tourist spot.  The endless attraction of surfing backed by the lure of amazing food makes it a most homely experience that helps people to get a feel of island life by spending some time at the Hawaii Vacation Condo Rentals on any chosen island.

The island experience is amazing

It is an amazing experience to live on an island. The Hawaii islands with its culture and family dynamic would make anyone feel very much at home, and some people keep coming back to these places time and again. With so many things to do, the places never lose its charms that keep attracting people endlessly.  The sound of crashing waves, ocean views, and fresh air are some of the perks of living on islands that can infuse new life among people who stifle in the urban surroundings.

The white sand beaches and the beautiful pristine water are just incredible. Some people who have witnessed and experienced island life believe that the mindset of the islanders is not only different but also very attractive. The sense of community is very strong in the islands. People know each other and put a price on mutual respect while taking care of one another. They do not want more things but try to get the best from what they have. People can learn from them how to have patience and how to relax and be happy. Lazily gazing at the sunset and having a dip in the sea at least once a day is part of everyone’s ritual. The pace of living is slow but highly enjoyable.

Planning a vacation in Hawaii

Touring Hawaii is often an expensive proposition if you do not know about the ways of making it affordable. Choosing Condo rentals over staying in hotels is one of the ways to stretch the dollar and choosing the right time to visit the islands when there is ebb in tourist flow is another way to make the travel convenient, enjoyable and pocket-friendly. To avoid making any costly mistakes during your Hawaii vacation, follow the tips given below.

Avoid school holidays

Although it might be difficult to travel with your family and kids by ignoring the school calendar yet, to make the Hawaii trip most affordable, avoid touring it during summer and winter school holidays. The tourist flow is at its peak during these times and flights as well as hotel rates soar to unimaginable heights that could burn holes in your pocket.  The condo rentals change rapidly during December, and during Christmas and New Year it can be three times than what it was in the first half of the month.

May and October are pleasant and pocket pleasing

The lesson from above is that you should visit Hawaii in the offseason.  May and October are the best times of the year when you could get the best values for everything in the islands.  The weather is ideal as it remains neither hot nor rainy and the prices are reasonably low. The airfare is quite attractive that serves as perks for exploring the islands for longer duration without pinching pockets. The flight deals during spring and fall are almost half than what it is in July. Hotels and condos too slash their prices during offseason and getting an oceanfront accommodation is almost a cakewalk.

Stay in a condo

For an authentic vacation experience and to get a feel about island living it is always sensible to rent condos that are not only affordable but provide the opportunity of living in a home away from home.  Set up your home on the island by renting condos that provide ample space, kitchens, washing machines and above all privacy that you will really enjoy living an authentic life on an island.  The quality of condos within the same premises may vary a lot and before you select one, have a look at pictures of the condo you are interested in and get specific details of a number of beds and its configuration.  You might pay less but must get the best value for money.

Cover one or two islands

Bite as much as you can chew – keeping this adage in mind avoid the lure of island hopping that can be detrimental to enjoying your vacation as most of the time you would be traveling from one island to another. For sunnier skies and a more arid landscape visit islands on the south and west regions, and for more tropical climates the islands of the north and east sides are ideal. Live on one or two islands during the vacation so that you can spend more time to enjoy the sun and surf of the place.

Since Hawaii vacations are for relaxing on the beach, walking out into the sea and being there till the sun sets; fewer island visits would make perfect sense.

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