Eight Excellent Reasons To Put Hawaii On Your Bucket List

July 15, 2020

One of the biggest goals that people have in life is to travel. There are far-flung places, big adventures to be had, oceans packed with wildlife — there is a whole world out there to see if you are only brave enough to see it. Planning vacations should be a pleasure and when you give the destinations on a list, it is easier to plan the vacation of a lifetime. One such place that you should consider putting on your list is Hawaii.

Think about it: unbelievable waterfalls, packed rainforests, and active volcanoes offers you the chance to see an island packed with adventure. You can go it alone, with friends or with the whole family — Hawaii has something for everyone to enjoy. Of course, there is no real reason to do more than daydream while we are in the midst of a pandemic, but why can we not discuss eight epic reasons to book it for your next vacation?

  1. Snorkeling

Is there anything as dreamy as snorkeling in the clear oceans of Hawaii? You will see wildlife, nature and you will even see your feet. In this part of the world, the oceans are clear and clean and you can swim alongside the dolphins and even dive with sharks if you want to. If you ever wanted to see turtles up close Hawaii is the place to go. You can head on board a 48 person submarine and see Waikiki Beach from a different angle. You can even head out whale-watching. How exciting!

  1. The Memories

Hawaii is famous for the sunsets, the epic souvenir shops with Megalodon Teeth and more made into jewelry. Life is different in Hawaii and they are not afraid to be different there. It is a place to eat delicious food, witness breathtaking sunsets, and make memories that will last you for a lifetime. It is very easy to get lost in the view when you are watching the sun set on a beach.

  1. The Surfing

Hawaii is known for its huge, beautiful waves. It is the place to go if you want to learn how to surf and if you want to ride the big waves this is the place to go. Head to Oahu and ride waves up to 30 feet high. What a way to spend a vacation!

  1. The Sunsets

We have mentioned the sunsets a couple of times, but really, you need to go and see the sunsets. The natural scenery is something that cannot be described. You need to see it to believe it and while you are there, book a beach table and have dinner while you listen to the waves at sunset. It is something that cannot be written; go and book your ticket for this alone!

  1. Explore The Landscape

Waterfalls and canyons are one thing. But Hawaii has lots of volcanoes. There are lava fields and rainforests and you can even enjoy hikes up the mountains — it is a hikers paradise in Hawaii! While you are there, check out the waterfalls and the rainforests that made Jurassic Park a hit. They are not as famous, but they are beautiful and the hikes are perfect for the whole family.

  1. The Beaches

Some of the best beaches in the world are on your doorstep when you are in Hawaii. There is a beach for every vacationer, and you can have a classic experience from sunbathing to setting sail on a cruise around the island. Green sea turtles are famed for laying their eggs here, so you need to be aware of that. If you want something quirky to visit, then check out Punalu’u Beach for a black sandy wonder!

  1. The  Volcanoes

Hawaii is a memorable place no matter where you visit, but it is not complete without a trip to Volcanoes National Park. You will see the black sand beaches and the active steam vents, visit sulfur banks and even see the lava flows. Hawaii is known for hosting the world’s tallest volcano, Mauna Kea. Hike up the summit and make a memory — and take lots of photos!

  1. The Islands

Hawaii is not just one island. It is many, and you can spend time discovering how diverse they all are. Kauai has the lush landscapes, but the Big Island has those lava fields we talked about. There are eight islands that make up Hawaii and just like these eight reasons to visit, you need to head to six of them — two are not open for visits!

Hawaii is somewhere that needs to be on your Bucket List if you appreciate beauty in this world. Oh, and excellent food — the Hawaiian people know how to host a cookout!

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