Is Your Poor Posture Causing You Pain?

April 29, 2022
Posture Causing Pain

Most of us admit to slouching at some point during the day. We slouch over our desks, hunched over the keyboard. And we slouch in the opposite direction when we’re at home on the sofa watching TV. When it’s raining, we bow our heads and hunch into our jackets to keep the weather off our faces. And standing on the train or bus puts our posture in a very unnatural position too.

It’s something we all do, but letting your posture suffer could be quite bad for you. If you regularly feel pains in your neck, shoulders, or back, shoulders, or back, chances are your posture needs some work. There are plenty of reasons why the posture may not be great. If you’re nervous or shy, you may not feel confident enough to hold your head up high. Tall people sometimes let their posture hunch a little to feel somewhat smaller. And if you’re anxious or stressed, you might find your shoulders are holding a lot of tension that affects your posture too.

All of these things can cause you pain. You may feel it in your neck and back most of all. But those pains can soon extend to the limbs as you try to compensate or guard the painful area. When it gets to this point, you could be at risk of it becoming worse and worse. It is easy to strain or pull other muscles in the body. Your regular exercise program may be difficult to do. And weight training could be impossible.

To overcome these aches and pains, you may want to try a sports massage at Massaggi. The sports massage therapist at Massaggi a great at identify the true source of the muscular skeletal problem. Once the cause is found, you will better understand how the rest of the body is affected. You may also find it necessary to make some adjustments to your lifestyle to help your body overcome these pains. And using a sports massage therapist will help you get your posture back on track.

Good posture helps us to move better, sleep better, breathe better and even digest better. The circulation and blood flow around the body can be hampered by bad posture. Improving it can help you feel energised and more focussed too. There are many exercises and stretches you can try to help your posture improve. Stretching and strengthening the muscles in the back and neck are essential. Your core should also work to support a good skeletal frame.

Your posture also helps you balance better. A good posture will lead to a better gait as you walk or run. You may be able to walk faster for longer walk faster for longer, and even become a better runner. Doing these kinds of activities when your posture is poor and unsupported can cause injury and pain. You may suffer from indigestion and lethargy. And you may find long periods of sitting or standing too uncomfortable to bear.

Improving your posture through sports massage and exercise can relieve pain. It can also help you feel more vibrant and alert. Best of all, a good posture will help you avoid pain and injury as you embark on your exercise program. Feel well.

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