Five Kitchen Design Ideas Surrounding Copper Range Hoods

May 18, 2022

Redesigning your kitchen is always a significant undertaking. 

We find the best place to start with a kitchen remodel is to choose one major piece of your kitchen and build from there, and what better place to start than the centerpiece of most kitchens, the range hood. 

This blog will look at five kitchen design ideas using copper range hoods as the focal point; click on the link for pictures and a more detailed breakdown.

1. A Shiny Kitchen With A Copper Finish

Copper range hoods come in a variety of finishes. You would choose a copper range hood with a shiny finish for this style. This would match the wood cabinets and drawers with a light brown coat of paint. The countertops should be white marble multiplying the shiny quality of the kitchen. This style is perfect for a kitchen with large windows that face the sun. If you want a sparkly kitchen, this remodel is ideal for you.

2. White Backdropped Kitchen With Earth Tone Finishing

One of the most enduring styles in interior design is a white room littered with earth-toned areas to act as a counterbalance. You would choose an antique copper range hood with a more matte finish in this kitchen design. The walls, light fixtures, cabinets, and countertops would be pure white, and the range hood chairs and house plants would act as the counterbalance.

3. Textured Hood For A Textured Kitchen

You can also buy copper range hoods with a textured finish to add variety to your kitchen. Many interior designers are experimenting with incorporating multiple textures into one space. If you want to make your kitchen stand out from the rest, this could be a great place to start. Try starting with a copper range hood with a beehive finish and building.

4. The Antique Kitchen

Starting with an antique copper range hood with a dark matte finish is the best way to get the antique kitchen look many people strive for. It is important to match these with dark antique wooden cabinets. You should use a clean white tiling on the walls as the backdrop to counterbalance the dark finishings for the finishing touch.

5. The Classic Look Kitchen

Again for this kitchen design, you should use an antique copper range hood as the focal point of the invention. To achieve the classic kitchen, you will have to use multiple metals. Some design possibilities are stainless steel for the sink, copper for the range hood, iron for the cabinet handles, and copper for the light fixtures. The trick to mixing multiple metals in one space is to experiment and stick to one metal per area.

Get Your Kitchen Remodel Started Right With A Copper Range Hood

A copper range hood is an incredibly versatile piece of interior design. It can come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to design virtually anything around it. You should have a solid starting point for your next kitchen remodel with the ideas listed above. Good luck!


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