What The Triangle Area Means In North Carolina

May 18, 2022

North Carolina is the home of the Research Triangle or The Triangle. Although some people may have heard of it, they may still not know what it means or what it refers to. The Research Triangle is a prided aspect of North Carolina as a state since it is an area that “shapes” three major research universities that are considered innovation leaders on a national scale. The “triangle” comes from the rough shape that forms if you were to draw a line between the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill towns.

If you plan to visit or live in the area, you will find that it offers a diverse and rich tapestry of offerings. You can raise a family, build a company, attend a top-flight university, participate in cutting-edge innovations, or simply retire; the options are plenty. 

Education First

Education is an integral part of the area. North Carolina has some of the best public schools, producing fine candidates for its universities. The universities are renowned for their research, sports, and culture. The region also offers many options in terms of private educational institutions and highly rated school districts for families that want to relocate to the area.

The Research Triangle Institute (RTI) is an area built to take advantage of the Triangle’s three research universities: UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State, and Duke University. The RTI came into being in the 1950s, and it has grown to become one of America’s top five research centers. Getting there was never easy. 

Three-Tier Industry

The RTI started as a partnership between the area’s academics, government, and private businesses. It was launched at the time of the Civil Rights Movement, making it hard to attract companies and talent to North Carolina. North Carolina was one of the hotspots during that era. It’s now home to nearly 140 businesses and approximately 38,000. Companies in the area include GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, IBM, Nortel Networks, and Cisco Systems.  

The towns in the area offer all the amenities you need. You won’t have trouble finding services like a dentist in Fuquay Varina, NC. Fuquay Varina is a popular option for families to settle down in that isn’t too far from the triangle. It offers a great environment to raise kids and has reliable services that every family requires within proximity.


The Triangle offers affordable housing relative to the nation. There is a high demand for housing in the Triangle area, with low supplies. That has inevitably led to higher prices. Nonetheless, accommodation in the area is still more affordable than in other areas; in January a median house in Wake County was $434,140 

Families looking to settle down come to the region for its tranquil setting and friendly community. There are also plenty of professionals coming in to work in the area, especially tech. Due to the proximity of the Triangle to great universities, it also houses a lot of students with a high churn rate as they graduate. You will also find that many older people come to retire in the area. They want the quiet, open spaces and affordable lifestyle that the area offers. 


The Triangle area has a lot to offer a tourist. You can come solo, with friends, family, or group. It has something for everyone. One of the chief attractions of the area is its natural beauty. The area lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. So you can find a multitude of water activities and enjoy the expanse of the wild. The area also has a multitude of diverse dining options.

Health Minded

The Triangle area is an attractive destination for those seeking care since it has some of the best medical institutions in the country. Two of the nation’s top medical teaching and research hospitals call Durham and Chapel Hill home. The region also has the Durham VA Medical Center for veterans.

As a resident, you will have access to many medical services in facilities like UNC Healthcare and UNC Rex Hospital. If you are looking for new solutions to medical struggles, you might find something in the medical research facilities in the area.

Do Not Be A Square

The Triangle is an area with a lot to offer whether you are a tourist, student, entrepreneur, academic, or job seeker. It has affordable housing, and low expenses make it a great place to settle down. Your family can benefit from the area’s rich educational institutions, enjoy natural surroundings, or explore its cultural spaces like restaurants and museums. The medical facilities also make it ideal for retirees; you will have access to medical care and be closer to innovators in the field.

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