Six Types Of Lifting Equipment To Make Material Handling Easy

May 27, 2022

Material handling is when heavy goods or loads are moved around a building using manual or automatic mechanical equipment installation. This makes it easier for them to be moved, protects them from damage and saves you money on manual handling. Material transport is a way for staff to manage their cargo and increase productivity. It likewise establishes a more secure workplace.

Service Lifts And Small Cargo Lifts

Service lifts likewise incorporate dumbwaiters and streetcar lifts. These light-duty lifts can carry up to 500kg (custom-built trolley lifts) and 50 kilograms of microlights. They can also transport small goods, barrels, large boxes, food, office equipment and dental equipment. They can be found supporting all types of business needs, including those in offices, restaurants, bars, and the catering industry.

Lift Only For Goods

You also have the option of larger goods lifts. Cage lifts and goods lifts can carry heavier materials and merchandise in the warehouse and items not suitable for industrial use.

These lifts can also be provided as a standalone structure that can transport heavy loads between floors. Many accuses come norm of knock rails and a slope. Interlocked gates are also available to restrict the movement of load inside the lift.

The lower-rise small scissor lifts can move trolleys and cages with a slight change in level and access to a mezzanine.

You can also move your goods with two attendants in the ranges of goods attended lift. You do not have to stress over the security of your staff when the flight of stairs is away from the ride. For any kind of machinery to perform at its optimum level, proper maintenance is required. It also needs replacement of parts like volvo d13 belt tensioner which one can order online too.

Passenger And Heavy Goods Lifts

Heavy lifting equipment can be used in demanding environments like airports, hospitals, retail, and infrastructure. These lifts can carry heavy machinery, medical supplies, and theater machine installation. They can also transport cars and planes.

Bucket Elevator

Do you need to lift and move free-flowing or semi-free-flowing material? The bucket elevator works by attaching to a loop of belt or chain that moves continuously. The buckets are loaded as they cycle and then travel to where they will be disposed of.

Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks are manual lifting device that uses wheels to lift and move pallets. The equipment can lift, move and lower any material between A and B thanks to the tapered forks underneath the pallet and the pump handle. This device is used in stores, warehouses, and retail environments worldwide to move stock around.

Forklift Truck

Forklift trucks transport pallets, heavy goods, and other materials. Forklifts can be used in factories, warehouses, industrial units, and construction sites due to their sturdy structure, weight, and ability to lift heavy loads. Many electric forklifts depend on the importance of goods and the type of business. However, only trained workers can use them.


While evaluating which material dealing with frameworks best meets your requirements, you should think about your structure design and the kind of products/loads/materials you want to move around. Many organizations can offer similar items and arrangements. Numerous producers can address your issues, contingent upon what you really want.

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