What Is The Meaning Behind The Viking Bracelet?

September 8, 2022

Jewelry was an important aspect of Viking life in the Viking era. Viking jewelry symbolizes tribal membership, shows status and wealth, and gives them fighting ability. From work to hunting to war, Viking jewelry can be seen everywhere.

The origin of the Vikings

The origin of the Vikings comes from this name. In the ancient Norwegian language used by the Vikings, “Vik” means a bay or an entrance, and Vik is the root of the Vikings, which basically means pirates. Vikings are believed to come from Scandinavia and are the ancestors of Swedes, Danes and Norwegians. Although not everyone is Viking.

What type of jewelry did Vikings wear?

They loved jewelry most and often worn shining jewelry from head to toe. They made their own jewelry and enjoyed wearing them. Silver and bronze were their preferred metals. Viking society had a strict hierarchy. Social status had a great influence on the type of jewelry. Women preferred bronze brooches and bracelets, while earrings were less popular.

The design concept of the Viking jewelry is unique to Viking culture. Runic letters, tree of life, hammer, triangle and other symbols are very popular in Viking mythology, and have various mysterious properties. Some animal elements are also part of jewelry design.

All these elements are widely used by many modern jewelry stores, such as Gthic, which provides Viking jewelry in Nordic mythology.

The meaning of Viking bracelets

Among the many Viking jewelry, such as bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc., bracelet is the symbol that best reflect the identity of Vikings. At that time, bracelets also played a more important role, not just an ornament that was silently trapped in a jewelry box. Wearing a Viking bracelet symbolized identity, was the glory of a person with extraordinary achievements, uniqueness and hard work, which was his distinctive symbol.

Among all types of Viking jewelry, bracelets are unique and represent the rise of people. It symbolizes that someone has achieved a special or glorious achievement that makes them different.

  • The meaning of the Viking oath Bracelet – Vikings are very faithful to their vows. Whether men or women, they will keep their vows at all costs. Wear the Viking oath bracelet to remind you of your commitment every day.
  • The meaning of Viking torc (or torque) Bracelet – torc actually refers to a neck ring, which is a symbol of Celtic Jewelry. This is a powerful symbol, dating back to 1200 BC, and it may represent the free birth status of the wearer in the tribe. It usually matches other jewelry, such as armbands and wristbands.
  • The meaning of Viking Dragon Bracelet – dragon is a symbol of ferocity, which was used in the bow of Viking warships. People believe that this will bring courage and luck to the warriors on the journey. Viking bracelets use dragon patterns to convey the same message. They are perfect accessories to enhance the wearer’s fighting spirit.

In other cases, the meaning of Viking bracelets depends on the design. It is believed that different elements and symbols give the wearer specific strength, especially warriors in combat and surprise attacks. The use of the rune alphabet is derived from white Norwegian magic. It usually brings protection and blessings in combat. Mjölnir or Thor’s hammer as amulets is also a symbol of strength and protection. Different bracelets are endowed with different attributes, but they also have some common points. This is to ensure that the wearer returns after the battle.


Wearing the Viking bracelet with powerful mysterious protection power can inject you with powerful Nordic white magic to fight against evil and negativity in our current difficult period. This will ensure that we get back to our families safely.

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