How to travel in group? Advantages of minibus hire in Europe

June 12, 2022

Do you plan to tour Europe with your family or friends? Or perhaps you are to participate in a business conference with your colleagues abroad? Then, you’d better think of a secure and comfortable means to make the journey as enjoyable as possible if you do. Nowadays, with the presence of professional car rental services provided by experienced drivers, it has become much easier to organize a secure, comfortable, and at the same time affordable tour in a foreign city.

Minibuses are the most economical and effective means of transportation for group tours. Available in different sizes and classes, you will easily find a perfect fit for your group’s requirements. Furthermore, charter passanger vans become an ideal choice equipped with a professional driver, ready to take the group anywhere needed.

Why You Should Choose a Chauffeured Minibus

Compared to other transportation means such as local buses or trains, charter minibus rental with driver are a far better option for transporting high-ranking officials on a business tour, children on their school excursion, or simply a group of tourists. Renting a minibus with a driver, on average, 12 to 14 passengers get enough legroom and space for their luggage.

Charter Minibus Perks

By opting for chauffeured minibus services, you acquire a series of perks. Particularly which we shall address straight away.

Saving on the Cost

The expenses of hiring a chauffeured minibus in Europe are actually more affordable than paying for multiple taxis to accommodate the whole group. Moreover, minibus tickets can be up to 60% less than plane and train tickets, making them the most thrifty option for traveling. Besides, you won’t have to worry about extra expenses such as fuel, fees, repair of mechanic damages, etc.

Easy Accessibility

Renting a charter minibus with a professional driver on an hourly basis will have the driver’s services at your disposal for as long as needed. Meanwhile, public buses move according to the pre-schemed schedule. So hiring several taxis simultaneously whenever you need to get somewhere with the whole group will be somewhat problematic.

Stress-Free Traveling

Have the peace of mind that your private chauffeur is always ready to take the group to the specified destination so that you won’t have to worry about the traffic jam, calling taxis, or getting to the airport in time so as not to miss the flight. The expert driver is always accountable for taking the group to the required destination.

Premium Comfort

Modern minibuses are completely adjusted to the needs of travelers. Hence, depending on how many travelers the group comprises, you can rent a small passanger vans that fits around six people or a bigger minibus with 20 seats. For even larger groups, we recommend considering buses.

Finally, depending on the travel purposes and the group’s solvency, you can choose Standard or Business class passanger vans with less and more comfort amenities, respectively.

Safety First

When traveling abroad, safety should come first. Charter minibuses are guaranteed to be safe and secure since they are mandatorily inspected for any mechanical faults or damages, thus ensuring the vehicles won’t break down during the tour. On the other hand, the responsible drivers of respectable driving services such as 8Rental, all have much experience in transporting passengers. So, you are in safe hands as long as you are dealing with a credible minibus renting service.


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