How women of all ages can prepare for your sandal Summer

June 22, 2022
Summer sandal

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Before you shop, look at our quick, handy guide to choosing your stylish sandals as the Summer hits our shores. It’s the time for summer shoes, ladies! We’ll look at the most popular and versatile summer sandal styles for all women’s ages.

I find it best to think in terms of practicality and consider two types of summer sandals to help you make your choice quickly. The sandals should match the time of the year, the occasion and your lifestyle. This helped me narrow my searches down to the sandals to suit best.

  • All-purpose sandal: The all-purpose sandal looks great with anything from dresses to jeans, making it an easy option to dress up or down depending on your outfit. These are also great when you’re in a rush because we can wear them with just about everything.

  • Active Sandals: Active sandals are perfect for those who love being active outdoors, but don’t want their feet to suffer because of poor footwear choices. Choose between low cut or high cut models that provide plenty of support while still keeping your feet cool and dry.

Five questions to ask yourself when buying sandals will point you in the perfect direction:

What types of models exist?

Which ones should be avoided?

How to choose a good brand among thousands of them?

What accessories will make your summer even more beautiful?

Finally, what colour is best for your age group and skin tone?

Summer shoes, ladies! Summer Sandals for that Occasion

For example, for a barbecue party, a comfortable pair of slide-in leather sandals would be suitable. These types of shoes are also suitable for a casual day out and for formal events and even night outs.

For an outing at the beach, a pair of espadrilles would be just right. But if you’re not going to the beach this summer, don’t worry! They are always a fine and trendy choice. Espadrilles are popular among celebs like the Royals and also great for other occasions—like running errands or lunch dates with friends. And they’re easy to slip on and off, so they’re perfect if you have a short commute.

A big plus: no worries about getting them dirty! If anything spills on them during your travels, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and your shoes will be good as new in no time.

Summer Sandals Should Suit Your Style

There are many types of sandals out there, but choosing the right pair is not overwhelming if you follow my points. To narrow down your options and find your perfect pair of sandals, we recommend thinking about these questions:

  • What colour do I want?
  • How do I want my feet to look?
  • Are they tall and slender? In which case I would go with a strappy heel.
  • Or wide and squat, in which case flats will be best.
  • Is there an occasion or event coming up that requires a special dress code?
  • Do I want them to match my other summer wardrobe items?

You can always add some colours with your clothes and accessories.

  • Accessories such as a colourful scarf or a hat will do the trick!
  • Or try out some pops of colour on your shoes, bags and hair.

On matching to a special occasion, maybe consider buying new jewellery pieces that match those outfits! You may even want something unique like the charming Joma Jewellery choices who create one-of-a-kind pieces!

Though, when nailing down that style, don’t sacrifice your feet comfort and health for those chic sandals.

Comfort is More Important Than The Summer Sandals Style

I definitely don’t need to point this out, yet it’s so easy to neglect comfort when that smashing pair of dazzling sandals looks back at you. The sandal should not be too tight or too loose, but a good fit.

It should be comfortable for you to wear for several hours at a time. You can check out the arches in the back of your shoes and see if they are high or low (high arch means more support). You can also try on different pairs of shoes for a few minutes each before making your decision so that you will know which pair is most comfortable for your feet.

You need to walk, run and dance in them without feeling like your feet are going numb or that they’re rubbing against the wrong places. And when you’re relaxing with friends and family, you want those shoes to be something you can wear around your house comfortably too!

So, buy some sandals this summer and have a good time with them. Find the perfect pair for yourself! Have a chat with Elevate Your Sole about your new pair of summer sandals to fit not just your outfit but to fit your personality.

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