The Best Storage Solutions To Help You Get Organized

June 22, 2022

We often whine about insufficient space and fewer storage solutions in our homes – if only we had plenty of room to store all our things. Unfortunately, not many of us have the privilege of enormous closet space and immanent shelves.

Suppose you think the kitchen pantry has witnessed cleaner days and all dresses remain straggled on your room’s floor. In that case, it’s about time to knuckle down to home organization projects. Whether you wish to optimize the storage space or live by the maxim ‘the fewer, the better,’ decluttering helps reorganize the house. However, now, this poses the question: how do we stay organized?

Fortuitously, myriad innovative ways exist to stow all household items and treasurers, ranging from shoppable tactics to creative DIY solutions. Proof? Here are some handy storage tips to tidy the messiest sections in your home, turn each nook into spotless areas, and make storage downright classic yet decorative:

Utilize self-storage units

It isn’t unusual to accumulate stuff over the years. Perhaps you might have forgotten that you contain particular possessions or have grown emotionally attached to them. Nonetheless, the first step you must take to make your home organized and less cluttered is to purge things you don’t need or want.

So, first and foremost, sort out the items and arrange them in different piles. Contemplate and get rid of the things that are of no use. Next, give yourself time and think long and hard about the items that hold sentimental value. Don’t let guilt persuade you to store unnecessary things, only keep strong sentimental ones.

Once you have figured it out, now avail the services of a self-storage unit facility. For instance, if you reside in the second largest city of Utah, West Valley. In that situation, google “storage units west valley” to find the most trustworthy and reputable facility in the area. This way, you can stow precious belongings in a safe space and even access them at leisure.

Place shelves at an elevated position

Short on space to embed quintessential floating shelving units on the wall? In that case, use the storage space above the doorframe or the cabinets. Since the crucial element to making the above-storage space work is visibility; thus, feel free to stash the items you don’t need regularly. 

Of course, it’s entirely contingent upon you which stuff to store. For instance, it can include decoration pieces, an additional pair of shoes, or extra paint. Likewise, you can place wire baskets above the cabinet. These baskets are more lasting and easy to wash and clean (a crucial benefit for storage containers frequently subjected to dust).

Tuck away makeup and jewelry

Rummaging through the drawers or searching the entire vanity to spot the favorite makeup product can, undoubtedly, irk a person. However, the good news is that you can create space for beauty products and styling tools by setting up acrylic storage containers. What’s more? You can add a couple of catch-alls and trays to keep the dressing table and vanity super organized.

Moreover, your gorgeous jewelry collection deserves to stay organized at all times so you can easily access them. So here’s the pro tip –  give a new purpose to cardboard and use them to create an earring organizer and showcase the jewelry in the cutest manner. All you need is to drill holes at the rear side of cardboard boxes and clasp the earring through each of these holes. This way, the stunning jewelry can remain knot-free.

Organize fresh produce and veggies

The home refrigerator and freezer can get disheveled just in a matter of seconds. That’s because the food delivery containers and the leftover takeout meal packages can obstruct your view. Thus, you might forget about the fresh produce and vegetables you have bought.

To get the items in your fridge systematically and orderly, make the most of clear, acrylic storage containers. This way, all the food items can remain in your line of vision and be more easily reachable. Another best approach is to utilize magazine holders. These cases are multipurpose for storage solutions in the fridge. For example, you can stack away root veggies in these holders and store them in a dry place such as the cabinets.

DIY drawer organizer

Capitalize on drawer organizers to stack away items and keep them where they belong. In this manner, you can easily pick them up every time you need them. One best approach is to leverage lucite trays which give a barely-there and streamlined look.

Likewise, PVC pipes come in handy to organize the undies. Just cut approximately a 3-inch diameter pipe into several pieces and make the edges of each piece smooth. Once done, stick them together with a gluestick and color them of your choice (optional). You can also use the same technique to create a DIY shoe rack. 

Unsure where to tuck away ties? Let’s repurpose an old crate – roll each and stack one in each compartment.

Use innovative toy storage solutions

Designs most certainly look more fun and child-friendly in the kid’s room rather than in any other area in the house. Thus, putting innovative designs on the playroom’s wall, such as neon artwork or graffiti printing, makes sense.

However, as much as you want to decorate the playroom, it also requires storage solutions. That’s because the kid’s room can turn into a chaotic mess in the blink of an eye. Therefore, cash in on the space under the benches and make the most of built-in cabinetry. You can even go the extra mile and put shoe bags behind closed doors to coop up all the games and playthings.

Besides, containers and drawers are an excellent option for stacking all the stuffed animals, artwork essentials, color books, and toys. However, place these storage bins at the kid’s level so they can access them as they please and stash them back once they’ve finished playing.

Final Words

Heaps of storage solutions exist, from repurposing old crates and installing above-cabinet storage to creating an outside bench to tuck away tools and hanging gear in the garage. The key is to optimize the storage areas to make your living space feel functional and more spacious.

Remember, part of the struggle lies in getting rid of the items you no longer need. For instance, do you need to hoard old race shirts which you haven’t even worn in the last ten years? Or do you need to store additional sets of trimmers? And just because you participated in an event two years back doesn’t mean you should feel bound to hold the logo-emblazoned freebies? 

Feel free to purge unnecessary items. And give yourself permission to either sell or donate them to a charity. This way, you can be well on your way to building your dreams’ proper and functional storeroom.

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