Five Tips For An Eco-Friendly But Stylish Summer Wardrobe

July 6, 2022

Summer is the perfect season to get creative with different outfits, accessories, and colors. Without the need for heavy coats or jackets, you can finally start to experiment with different combinations and textures. And, there are certainly enough opportunities to show off each outfit! 

But when it comes down to creating a great summer wardrobe, it is important to keep in mind that the fast-fashion industry is responsible for nearly 100 million tonnes of waste a year! As the climate crisis worsens and the levels of pollution increase, it is impossible to ignore the impact that our fashion choices might have on the environment. 

Luckily, you can still put together a stylish, unique wardrobe while limiting your impact on the planet – start with the tips below. 


The first step towards a greener wardrobe is to get rid of the items you no longer use or want. Organizing a yard or garage sale, or donating your old clothes to a local charity are excellent ways to do something great, fuel the circular economy, and gain some extra space in your wardrobe. 

While this might seem counterproductive, accumulating clothing items years after years will only use up space and energy, without giving you a clear idea of what you already own. 

Choose Natural Fabrics

Once you have cleaned out your closet and you have a better idea of what items you actually need to buy, it is time to go shopping! For this step, consider choosing local manufacturers and creators, opt for natural fabrics, avoid fast-fashion outlets, and, when possible, look for recycled materials. 

But, beyond all this, it is even more important to invest in high-quality items that will be with you for years to come and can help you reduce the amount of waste produced!

Shop Second Hand

According to recent estimates, people in the US spend an average of $1800 a year on clothing items! For a family, the amount spent on fashion can be as much as four times this figure. Luckily, you can reduce your clothing expenses and your impact on the environment simply by choosing second-hand items! Thrift and second-hand shops are a great way to find these items, but do not forget about local yard sales.

Enrich Your Outfit With The Right Accessories

When it comes down to creating a stylish but sustainable summer wardrobe, you will have to keep two concepts in mind: simplicity and quality. But what if you are about to attend a special event or you wish to make your work outfit more interesting? The right Designer Jewelry can help you elevate your style – and can last a lifetime!

Make It Fun With A Touch Of Color

There are many ways to make your summer outfit more fun, interesting, and exciting. For example, you could add a handmade accessory or opt for a touch of color. Whatever your style dictates, make sure you are making conscious fashion choices with respect of the environment. While it might cost you more at first, quality items can last decades and help you stand out in a crowd!

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