Permanent Vs. Real Human Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions: Which Is Better?

July 16, 2022

Which one is better? Real human hair clip-in extensions or permanent hair extensions?

Getting a new haircut is always a thrilling experience. However, many women regret having a haircut, especially when they have short hair, which makes additional adjustment and styling difficult. How you do your hair plays a significant role in overall styling, but it’s almost impossible to make your favorite hairstyles with short hair. But wait – we have got something that can solve your issue. You can still make your favorite hairstyles and look super-presentable no matter how short or less-voluminous your hair might be. 

You can pick either getting permanent hair extensions or temporary clip-in hair extensions – nothing can stop you from flaunting gorgeous hairstyles. But before you pick any of these, you must understand what permanent and temporary hair extensions are and how they work.  Also you should always take care of your hair health.

Permanent Hair Extensions 

Permanent hair extension is a hair attachment that may keep on for years if cared for correctly. They give your hair an immediate boost in volume, length, and color with natural-looking hair! These attachments come in four forms: Tape In, Weft, Fusion, and I-Tip Hair Extensions. They are also called weaving or bonding at times and usually require application by a professional.

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Temporary Clip-In Hair Extensions 

These are temporary fixes that don’t need to be permanently attached and can be withdrawn at any moment with no effort. Individuals who desire the advantages of long hair but don’t want to make the intrusive commitment necessary for permanent treatments generally opt for temporary clip-in hair extensions. 

Real human hair clip-in extensions are especially in trend these days. You can use your temporary hair extension to change your style or extend your tresses. Hair extensions can be attached and removed in seconds and are ideal for experimenting with various hairdos!

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Permanent vs. Real Human Clip-In Extensions 

Wondering which one to pick from the two to make your hair styling dreams a reality? Well, then let’s compare real human hair clip-in extensions and permanent hair extensions so you can make an informed choice. 

  • Hair Volume 

While permanent extensions can only give you a specific hair volume, real human hair clip-in extensions can let you choose whatever hair volume you need for a particular hairstyle without hassle. 

  • Natural Appearance 

Though permanent hair extensions offer a natural look, they often leave you stuck with one type of hair for years. On the other hand, you can carry the same natural look with real human hair clip-in extensions and enjoy showing off different hairstyles every now and then. 

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  • Flexibility 

The real human hair clip-in extensions are super flexible. You can have different types of them to suit your different hairstyling needs, but you cannot do that with permanent hair extensions as you will be stuck with one for years. 

  • Hair Damage 

Permanent hair extensions require a weaving procedure that might include chemicals. Also, these are applied using glue or are physically bonded to small strands of hair, which can damage the roots of your hair. However, real human hair clip-in extensions are all-natural and don’t require any procedure that might damage your natural hair by any means. 

  • Time Consumption 

While getting permanent hair extensions can take up to a day or more, real human hair clip-in extensions can be attached and detached within a matter of minutes, saving you both time and energy. 

  • Pricing 

Permanent hair extensions can cost you a fortune, and that too with the fact that you cannot get rid of them soon in case you are not satisfied. However, the real human hair clip-in extension can be bought for way less, and you always have the option to switch to another hairstyle, color, size, etc.

E-Litchi Real Human Hair Clip-In Extensions – The Perfect Solution to Your Hairstyling Needs 

Now that you have gone through the above comparison, you must know that getting temporary clip-in extensions is always better than permanent ones. And if you are wondering where to find those best real hair extensions? E-Litchi is your definite stop! 

E-Litchi offers the most extensive yet exquisite range of natural human hair clip-in extensions that have been rightfully designed and manufactured to suit your needs. Whether you need real straight or real curly hair extensions, we have got them all for you. 

  • The E-Litchi’s clip-in hair extensions are available in twenty different shades, five different sizes, and weight variations. 
  • You can always color, straighten or curl these extensions in the way you want to make them look more natural with your hair. 
  • Each clip-in hair extensions package from E-Litchi includes a clip-in, sewing kit, clips, gift card, and a manual so you can easily attach it to your hair and style them the way you want! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the perfect shade of the hair extensions from E-Litchi and enjoy hairstyling like never before!

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