How To Braid Your Hair When Wearing Hair Extensions

November 22, 2021

Hair extensions provide the extra volume and length to give your braids an enhanced look. You may need some practice to braid with extensions. But with time, you will be able to master the art and create longer, thicker, and better-looking braids. 

Types of braids and hair extensions

With hair extensions, you can try different braid styles such as a French braid, fishtail braid, double Dutch braid, layered braid, etc. To braid with hair extensions, you must place the extensions into your hair before you get started. The placement of the extensions varies with the braid style. 

French braid with hair extensions

The French braid is a classic choice among young women. It looks elegant and is easy to work with. You can wear the French braid to work or a casual lunch. It looks neat and simple and is a step-up from the basic three-strand braid. 

Before you get started, gather the following things for a more effortless experience:

  • Hairspray 
  • Any wide-toothed comb or a hairbrush
  • A comb for parting the hair
  • Elastics

The above accessories are required for creating any type of braid with hair extensions. 

Step 1: Place your hair extensions vertically on both sides of your center hair partition. Since the braid will come down through the middle part of your head, the extensions are covered. 

Step 2: Partition a portion of your frontline hair into three smaller strands. 

Step 3: Braid the three hair strands together once. 

Step 4: Now, take a small strand of hair from the right side of the three strands. 

Step 5: Combine the hair strand with the right strand and bring the section over the middle strand. 

Step 6: Now, take another new strand of hair from the left side of the three middle strands. Do the same with the left strand too. 

Step 7: Continue to follow these alternating steps until you reach the end of the hair. 

Step 8: Your hair and the extension would now be braided into a beautiful pattern. 

Step 9: If you want your French braid to look thicker, you can pull at each section gently. 

Step 10: Now, use an elastic to tie the end of your braid. 

Step 11: You may use hairspray to secure the position of the hair strands. 

Tips to create the perfect braid while using hair extensions 

  • Invest in good-quality hair extensions that offer a natural look. 
  • If you are using human hair extensions, give them a good wash beforehand. Follow all instructions mentioned in your package. 
  • Wash and deep condition your hair locks before braiding. 
  • Braids look good when your hair is brushed well. Brush your hair and the extensions well, and get rid of all tangles and knots before getting started. 
  • If you blow-dry your hair, use a heat-protecting serum. 
  • Use a good quality hair spray to control the flyaway hairs. 
  • A texturizing spray can keep frizz under control. 
  • While forming the hair strands for braiding, be sure to take the right amount of hair. Too big or too small strands will make the braid look uneven and lumpy. 
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