A Complete Anime Makeup Tutorial

November 22, 2021

It’s not easy to come up with the perfect anime girl makeup tutorial. However, if you follow the correct techniques mentioned in the tutorial, you may get the ideal anime makeup looks for a girl. Colored contacts are one choice, but they can be costly and must always be used under the supervision of an optometrist to avoid eye injury. Instead, well placed makeup can create an anime-like look. After you’ve mastered the process, play around with different products and techniques to create your look.

Anime Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

STEP 1: Apply an even layer of both formulas to your skin using foundation, then blend with a beauty sponge.

STEP 2: Using the same sponge, apply white powder underneath your eyes. Keep the powder to your T-zone while applying it to keep the rest of your skin looking dewy.

STEP 3: Apply a super-sharp contour around your jaw with the Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, rounding out your cheekbones for a delicate finish. You’ll make your nose as little as feasible while keeping a natural appearance. To shrink your nose, draw two straight lines down it.

STEP 4: Use two blushes to make your cheeks extremely rosy: the use of a bush palette to cover up your blush

.STEP 5:Brush through your brows with the Brow Stylist Shape and Fill Pencil, then add a few hairs here and there with Makeup Epic Ink Liner in Brown to truly fill out and brush out your brows.

STEP 6: Give the effect of an under-eye bag. This is Snitchery’s secret technique for making your eyes appear larger and more anime-like.

STEP 7: Returning to the Urban Decay Flushed Palette, apply the contour shade to the top and bottom outer corners of your eyes. Apply the highlight shade from the same pan to the rest of your eyelid and inner corner with your finger. Then, in the inner corner of your eye and just above it, apply white eyeshadow.

STEP 8: Applying Makeup Create an incredibly crisp wing with the Point Eyeliner.

STEP 9: Apply your thickest falsies, then coat the outer corner of your bottom lashes with Falsies Mascara. Then, to complete the anime effect, add some single lashes to the outer corners of your bottom lashes.

STEP 10: To produce a light dusting, use a light shade of highlighter from the Born to Glow Highlighter Kit.

STEP 11: Using the wand, apply a little amount of the Kinky Liquid Lipstick to your anime lips and afterwards tap it out with your finger. Blot off the lipstick with your finger in the target area to obtain a natural anime lips look.

Makeup Tutorial for other Anime Features 

 Change The Color of Your Anime Eyes.

Using contacts to change the color of your eyes can also be beneficial. Large circle lenses are a good choice because they can help you achieve a more dramatic appearance than makeup. This is especially true if you choose a bright and artificial tone. You should make an appointment with an optometrist to get your eyes measured first. The contacts should then be purchased from a trusted provider.

Apply a light lipstick or highlighter on your lips.

You should avoid using dark or bold lipsticks when wearing pale lipstick or highlighter. Anime Lips will appear thicker and larger if you use a dark lipstick. This can draw attention to your lips when what really needs to be seen is your eyes. As a result, I recommend that you use a light pink lipstick or a clear gloss. On top of the lips, though, you can add an oversized heart-shaped bow.

Should choose Pink Blush

You may achieve the innocent look of most female anime characters by using a pink blush, which will help to focus the light pink blush on the cheekbones. Cross your blush over your nose bridge from one cheekbone to the other if you want a truly unique anime effect.

Create False Eyebrows with a Pencil

Drawing a thinner, higher arch than his real brows might give him a more helping enhancement. This is especially true if you draw it strongly. You may choose from a variety of odd colors.

Final Words

Nowadays creating new anime makeup ideas is so much in demand, the only thing to do is use the right technique for makeup. You can easily find those techniques from different tutorials, available on different blogs, articles and you can easily take help from YouTube tutorials.


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