Five Quick Tips To Make The Garage A Pest-Free Zone

November 22, 2021

Mice, insects, and other pests enjoy staying indoors as much as humans. It can be embarrassing to see rodents and bugs roaming freely in your garage, and that is not all. Pests are also responsible for damages to your property. They also prompt domestic health complications; these creatures can quickly multiply if they make your garage their home.

If you are still battling with pest infestation, we hav e you covered. Here are five quick tips to make your garage a pest-free zone:

Call an exterminator

Cleaning and organizing the garage are positive measures, but they are not always enough to keep pests away. You may need to hire a professional exterminator and call a wildlife specialist. Exterminating pests can be a long-term solution to pest infestation in your garage. However, you would need to vacate the premises for some hours when the fumigation takes place. When the exterminator’s work is through, they will brief you on the procedure, its effects, and how you can take precautions in the future. An exterminator is arguably the most qualified professional to teach you how to make the garage a pest-free zone. If you use pesticides, make sure that they are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Keep the garage clean

Maintaining a clean garage will not only improve your health, but will also discourage pests from invading. A NAPO study shows that about 50 percent of homeowners named the garage as the most untidy place in the house. A typical garage accumulates dust, and since most homeowners spend a fraction of their time there, cleaning rarely comes to mind. This gives pests the license to roam freely.

To keep the garage pest-free, take out the trash or any pile of dirt you find. Rearrange your toolkits in their appropriate compartment, and store your other belongings in air-tight boxes. After putting the garage in order, clean it thoroughly or hire professional cleaners. It takes much effort to keep a garage clean, but it will be worth it in the end.

Block openings

When pests raid your garage, they leave signs. Some of these creatures make holes in various parts of the garage. These are pathways through which they roam. Also, they might turn some of the tiny holes into their new homes. If they remain in your garage for an extended period, they could mate and then multiply. Unfortunately, it might take a while to spot these holes, especially in tight corners.

If you find holes in the walls, ceiling, or door, do not underestimate them. As long as your finger can fit into the hole, a rat or bug can pass through them. Here are some of the places you will find openings:

  • Remove the wall frames and clock to locate the hiding places of these bugs. Then, ensure to seal the openings including, cracks and holes on the walls.
  • Examine the furniture in your garage, and check for holes in them. If you find gaps, seal them to stop pests from reentering.
  • Doors are targets for rodents. Examine your garage door thoroughly for holes, and keep it sealed so that there are no spaces underneath.

Flush out the holes you find before sealing them. It makes pests uncomfortable and drives them away from their habitat.

Free cluttered spaces

A garage can easily turn into a semi-dump site where you keep belongings you do not intend to use. This makes it the ideal hiding place for all kinds of pests, from roaches to rodents.

As long as you have to move furniture, appliances, or clothing before you access some space in your garage, consider it a potential hiding place for pests. First, locate these corners. Once you have discovered their hiding spots, get rid of them. Take out all the old boxes, cans, and clothes you no longer use. If there are appliances you do not need, remove them immediately. After eliminating their hiding places, reorganize your garage. When you put the garage in order, it helps you to see the corners. Pests would not be able to roam freely or have a safe spot to hide in your garage anymore.

Carry out regular inspections

Carrying out the necessary tips to keep your garage free from pests will likely yield results. However, pests might return after a while. Pests are part of the ecosystem — they are everywhere. Thus, a one-time pest-repelling measure will not always work long-term. Carry out occasional inspections to ensure that your garage is free from pests. Check the edges and tight spaces in your garage for holes or an indication of their existence. Look out for distinct smells, bite marks, or holes in the walls, windows, and doors. If you find any trace of pests, you need to start another cycle of pest control.


Pests invade homes to get food or find shelter. They interpret holes in your house or garage as an open invitation. Flushing out and sealing the holes in your walls will keep them at bay. When you mow your lawn regularly and take out the trash daily, pests can barely hide in and around your garage. For quick and long-term freedom from pests, consider hiring an exterminator.

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