3 Types Of Traditional Chinese Clothes And Dresses

July 19, 2022

In ancient times, China is known for its traditional clothes. According to the historical data, for over 4000 years, Chinese people have been wearing their traditional clothes. Their clothes have a separate identity from the rest of the world. They are the most unique and popular clothes all over the world.

After knowing about traditional Chinese clothes, you might be willing to buy them. These clothes are easily available at local markets, or even you can purchase them from online shopping platforms. However, if you are not able to get a suitable platform for purchasing Chinese clothes, we recommend you to buy them from robe chinoise traditionnelle.

Even in this modern world, Chinese clothes represent their tradition and religion. This article will discuss some of the most famous Chinese clothes and dresses.

  1. Hanfu

Hanfu is the most popular and oldest type of clothes you can find in China. People have been wearing it for more than 4000 years; Hanfu generally means Han people. With the passage of time, it continued to improve. Chinese people love to wear them at parties and family functions.

Each density has its styles and traditions, for example, Shenyi in Pre Que Dynasty, Rudress in Qin and Han density, and Tiaowenjiansequn in Wei Dynasty. In addition, every density has its specific tradition, different dynasties wear different dresses, and some are worn by all. In both cases, Hanfu was most popular.

  1. Cheongsam

Cheongsam was discovered in 17century, and it is also known as Qipao. It is also a traditional china dress, hugging the female body with different features of Manchu origin. It was most popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and only upper-class women were used to wearing it in Shangai. If you want to buy these dresses, you can easily buy it from robe chinoise traditionnelle.

During the Qing Dynasty, China was ruled by Manchus rather than Han Chinese. In their rule, they used administrative divisions called the Eight Baner System. Originally this system was made for Manchu households, where they had to wear different clothes than civilians. Such clothing was known as Changpao.

  1. Tang Suit

As we can identify from the name, Tang suits belong to the Tang dynasty’s clothing. It is also translated as Tangzhuang. But people know Tang suits as a modern Chinese jacket more than a type of Tang dynasty. In the history of china,Tang dynasty was the most prosperous. So as a result, people started using the word Tang to represent their Chinese tradition.

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