How Is Amelia Island Best Place To Spend Your Vacation Time?

July 19, 2022

Amelia Island is an island located in the southwest coast of Florida, and people visit there for vacations to the beach and low-key nature. With a nice mix of beaches, wildlife, hiking trails and wildlife sanctuaries it’s no wonder Amelia Island luxury rentals has been a popular spot for vacations for decades. Amelia Island also lies along the Gulf Stream current which makes it even more appealing to vacationers.

The Gulf Stream carries warm tropical waters across America with it all summer long making visits to Amelia Island easier to plan than many other destinations with similar amenities. Here are explained some ways how you can enjoy your vacation at Amelia Island.

  1. The natural wildlife sanctuaries

The wildlife sanctuaries at Amelia Island are popular attractions for close encounters with nature. These include dolphin watching, sea turtle tours and birding tours where you can enjoy the nature at its purest form. The fresh air and a relaxing holiday altogether is something you cannot miss if you plan to visit Amelia Island, so make sure to include them in your visits as well.

  1. Enjoy the fine art galleries

Amelia Island is known for its fine arts just like any other state, so you should definitely not miss visiting one of the local art galleries to see how the locals have been expressing their creativity over the years. Also, you can enjoy the local art by viewing different works in various galleries of the island.

  1. Enjoy your time at a nearby City

If you plan to stay over for a few days you can purchase a travel pass for unlimited rides on all public transportation. Take the ferry and then use the bus service that runs across the island from Fort Am- mane to Colony Island, which is also part of Amelia Island’s municipality. After that, use your pass again and purchase a ticket to get back.

  1. Enjoy the natural attractions

The beach of Amelia Island has been ranked among the top beaches in the world so there are no way you cannot enjoy your time on it. The beach at Amelia Island offers a wide range of choices such as swimming, boating, enjoying sandcastles along with many other activities.

If you’re into fishing or kayaking, then you can find a good amount of activities that will be perfect for your outing. Catch some rays while relaxing under the hot sun by enjoying some fun at local beaches or even taking in some water sports. With so many things to see and do it is hard to choose what to focus on during your time at Amelia Island.

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