Why Choose a Freight Forwarder for Your Business

July 22, 2022

Many businesses today are struggling with increasing growth amidst the tough challenges involved in exporting and importing goods from one country to their final destinations. Little wonder many consider outsourcing this business angle to freight forwarder agencies with the best rate to manage.


A freight forwarder serves as an intermediary for individuals or organizations to handle shipments and deliver goods to their final destination. Choosing a freight forwarder for your brand poses many advantages to your business’s growth. And we will be considering why you need to choose one for your brand.

Why Source a Freight Forwarder?

The benefits below can prompt every business owner to seek a reliable and trusted freight forwarding company;

The Fastest and Safest Routes

A freight forwarder understands the concerns of business people to get their goods to arrive on time without any hitches. For instance, sea shipping of heavy equipment from China to the UK or anywhere in the world can be quite delicate. Still, a freight forwarder provides the safest and fastest routes in the sea and ocean to deliver your goods to their expected destination.   

Hassle-Free Transportation of Consignments

A freight forwarding agent understands all documentation and procedures that need to be prepared and sent to the right official and, as such, will take up the stress of your hook. It also saves you from the complexity involved in shipping bureaucracy.

In addition, a freight forwarding agent knows how to deal with customs and officials who provide complicated services. Tough custom individuals are likely to have it smooth with freight forwarders because of long-lasting relationships over time.

Provides Best Transportation Rates

A freight forwarding agent liaises with different ocean carriers, air freight transporters, and truck companies to offer the best rate to its clients because international trade can be costly. Although carrier capacity changes regularly and rates fluctuate daily, a forwarder can negotiate an affordable rate.

Cargo Insurance

Using a freight forwarder to insure your cargo and cover every aspect is important. In the event of loading and unloading, it’s not unlikely for goods to get misplaced or suffer damage when transporting. Collaborating with an insurer at every step of the journey with the buyer is advisable.

A warehouse fire or water damage during ocean travel could destroy goods, or goods can accidentally be left at a port, and your entire shipment could be lost. But an experienced freight forwarder who understands the risks and value of shipment will seek a good insurance company for you.

Cost Effectiveness

Choosing a freight forwarding service saves shipment costs because of the discounts on bulk shipments. A single business may not be able to take up bulky space and access discounts, unlike a freight forwarder. Also, a freight forwarder knows how best to negotiate better terms of service for its client.  

Warehouse and Inventory Management Services

Many companies offer warehouse service, packing and shrink-wrapping your pallets, ensuring your goods are safe and arrive at your destination successfully. Also, inventory management can consume a lot of time and require a lot of staff. But outsourcing this aspect of your business to a freight forwarder, you can be confident that your shipping, packing, and delivery are in safe hands. 

How to Choose a Freight Forwarder for Your Business

Now you know why you need to choose a freight forwarder for your business. The next question is – how to choose a reputable agent for your brand. Here is a guide on what to look out for and how to select a freight forwarder;

  • Reputation: Make sure to select a freight forwarder who has built a strong reputation and trust over the years and can connect with your business rightly.
  • Good Network: Relationships and good connections makes the difference between success and failure. A good freight forwarder should have the right team and a strong connection to deliver excellence.
  • Transparent Pricing Structure: Dealing with a transparent agent puts a customer’s mind at rest. Every charge given on the quote should be well explained to the customer. Also, every penny paid should be understood by the customer and the services remitted.
  • Cargo Insurance: It is compulsory for shippers to have cargo insurance to protect their goods from damages, theft, or loss. Although by law, carriers have insurance but limited coverage and are not insured from natural disasters, accidents, or war.
  • Communication and Customer Service: This is vital in choosing a freight forwarder. Every agent must be customer-centric and should carry customers every step of the way, keeping them abreast with situations.  
  • Certifications and license permits: No business person wants a forwarder that is not certified and lacks licensing permits. So watch out for this also.


As we conclude, we’ve been able to establish the fact that every business needs a freight forwarder. We believe this information is helpful and will enable you to make the right choice for your business.

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