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July 22, 2022

Like any other endeavor, dressing well is an art. But on the contrary, not everyone is sure about their choices and selections. Needless to say that like any other art, styling too needs practice for perfection. And it definitely takes time to develop a striking style for yourself. Where some people pair their funny tshirts for men too well, some fail to make the right choices. The skills that a person needs to have develop over time. And that can only be attained when a person keeps a track on the latest fashion trends.

With a little patience and grooming of knowledge, everyone can look sharp almost effortlessly. And that’s just the beginning for those who wish to learn about ways to suit up in a casual look. But if you too want to have this perfection in yourself, there might not be any shorts. Still this blog can help you with the tips for a casual look, so have a look at all the factors that are listed here. These styling tips can get you started:

Finding the right fit is important

Let’s start with making the basics right! You might have seen people wearing funny t-shirts or casual shirts with some things that you think is not the appropriate match. But be honest with yourself, don’t they look good? That’s because they have started accessing themselves right from the beginning. The basic and most important thing in the quest to make your looks sharp is to make sure that you have clothes of the right fit.

You should make sure that the clothes are neither too small nor too big. True, there are multiple attire where this fundamental won’t work. But for most options, it will work just fine. The best way to get yourself such clothes is to find a tailor who can stitch for you. 

Classic is the best start

Many people might not agree to this, but the classic trend will never get too old. And you know what, it is the best way to start your journey as your own stylist. It is true that there are many funky tshirt designs in the market, but let them stay away for a while. You don’t have to start your stylist journey with the funkiest dresses so take this tip and begin with classic styles just like men long sleeve shirt. Or you can go retro-style to begin with because that would only require a t-shirt, jacket and denims. Pair it with flip flops, sneakers, or boots; they would look outstanding in all of them. 

The reason being, a classic look will always give you an edge and a timeless makeover that has no parallel. In fact, there are multiple stars who are remembered for their looks. 

Eye on the color patterns

You will agree on this one- do not rule out the color pattern that you are wearing. There is always one color that brings out the best in every person. You just need to find that one color for yourself first. This will give you a chance to wear that colored clothes on days when you won’t be able to figure out anything about your attire. Moreover, funny t-shirts for women of the same color can really make a difference. Not only does this give them confidence but also help in getting a sense of knowledge about the clothes they should wear more often. 

If you don’t understand a pattern or color, just go for neutral colors. First go for the basics and then a neutral color. Both these together can make a lot of difference.

Invest in quality

Make this your thumb rule that you will be investing in quality over quantity. Be it the shoes, pants, demin, shirts, or any other item from your attire; you will always invest in quality. If you buy good products, they will be durable and will not lose charm for longer duration. This is what you require to keep a style in your wardrobe for a longer time. 

Be it a casual t-shirt or a jacket, you should always have it of good quality. Also, when your look becomes sharp, it gets noticed by a lot of people. And when that look is from branded clothes, it becomes better.

Try to integrate accessories as well

Another very important aspect that many people forget is that they need accessories to complete their look. Yes, you heard that right! These accessories simply work as a tool that helps in elevating your overall personality or look. Wearing a blazer, matching belt, watch, scarf, hat, shades or any other thing just like designer hoodies men will always help you in carrying your style a bit better. If you are unable to understand the right match, you can simply look for videos and articles where experts give you the knowledge on how to pair your accessories with your attire.

And this is a universal factor. Men and women, both should understand and learn the art of pairing their accessories with their attire. 

Try something new

There is a saying, unless you try something new; you won’t know whether it is a match or not. Yes, you heard that right! Trying not to go funky doesn’t mean that you can’t try something new. In fact, it is better if you try your hand in different attire. If this is a big hurdle for you, just check what the experts have to say for you. Or you can simply follow the footprints of the celebs. 

But yeah, don’t go funky yet. There is a slight difference between trying something new and making a fool out of yourself. It is better to judge that difference for yourself and then decide.

Be confident on what you are wearing

There is another saying, “If you don’t feel confident wearing something, it is better to walk naked.” You don’t have to take this saying literally, but yes, you should be confident in whatever you are wearing. That confidence not only brings the best in you but also allows it to glow. Whatever you wear, just do that in style and with a smile. Tell yourself that you are looking your best and that would be just enough to make the difference. 

It is very important that you become your own judge rather than letting others do that for you. Become your own boss and make all the decisions for yourself including your attire selection. 


It is very important for every person, male or female, to understand their happy color, outfit and how to carry it. These are three things that you will have to keep in mind while judging your attire. Make sure that you follow the above given points in order to get a better understanding about the casual look that will suit you better. And then, there will be a time when simple funny t-shirts will start complimenting you too.

Moreover, when these points are followed quickly, you might see a drastic change in your choices and pairing. That’s when you will realize that you have gained an interest in suiting up. With that we wish you understand your taste and then get better outfits. Because the better you choose the sharper you look.


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