July 25, 2022
healthy lawns

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Natural grass turfs are among the most competent and environment-friendly investments homeowners can make. They provide oxygen, have a significant cooling effect, and are aesthetically pleasing. However, an uncared-for turf can quickly decay as erosion sets in, causing immense damage to the surroundings.

Following a few simple yet efficient methods such as using a quality lawn scarifier, ensuring good soil health, and choosing suitable grass can go a long way to keep the turf healthy. The ultimate idea is to promote a naturally healthy yard with as few chemicals as possible.

The ensuing list of quick ways to ensure this can help beginners care for their glades.

Improving soil health

Homeowners and commercial property managers often undermine the importance of healthy lawns. But there is more to caring for a green yard than mowing regularly. The most pivotal aspect is to ensure soil health by testing its pH levels – the ideal reading should be between 6.5 and 7, indicating its slight acidic composition.

Ensuring these levels are proper is crucial, as it will impact the overall health of the turf. Remember, excellent soils require a good mix of sand, silt, and clay.

Overseeding and regular mowing

Throwing in extra seeds in the soil can help fill gaps, eliminating patchy areas. However, begin the process by mowing the site regularly, ensuring there is no resistance for the seeds to fall into the soil. Watering regularly to keep the seeds moist is crucial, as it will boost growth and health.

Also, never mow the lawn too often or too short, as the exposed surface could dry the soil faster, making it infertile.

Aerating and scarifying

Annually aerating the soil is a must, especially if its quality is tightly compacted. You can use an aerator machine that helps create holes in the ground, allowing more water and air to seep into the soil.

Similarly, scarifying the lawn is critical, as it removes thatch and moss build-up on the grass – all of which cause erosion. While you can choose to do this manually with a rake, it won’t be as effective and demand a lot of physical effort. Instead, a good scarifier machine can cut through to the ground and penetrate at regular intervals, creating space for efficient air and water circulation.

The best way to go about these key tasks is using an electric aerator-cum-scarifying tool supplied by a reliable online vendor at affordable costs. These suppliers provide these powerful tools from various brands, enabling you to choose the one you like most. Also, shipping costs are reasonable, and you may be able to purchase several other items, such as power tools, lighting equipment, safety kits, chemical products, soldering amenities, and hardware items.

Pest control

While some bacteria may be good for the grass, not all living organisms will boost the yard’s health. For instance, moles are infamous pests that wreak havoc on turf grass, causing damage and leaving behind a trail of uprooted foliage. So, if you notice a mole hole, use a granular or sonic repellent to ensure they are off your property at the earliest opportunity.

Furthermore, consider using specific pesticides to ensure the harmful insects, bacteria, and other pests remain off the turf. Depending on the grass and pest type, you can consult an expert for the particular product you need. This way, you can enjoy a green and healthy yard for the longest time.

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