Five Ways To Experience Cruising Like Never Before

August 11, 2022

Cruising provides a unique travel experience you cannot get anywhere else. Stunning ocean views, all-inclusive accommodations, and next-level experiences are only a few perks of sailing away on a cruise ship. Today, there are many cruising experiences, including river and ocean cruises for days to weeks at a time. However long you are cruising, it is essential to know how to make the most of your vacation on the water!

This article will explore five ways to get the most out of your cruising experience and ensure smooth sailing:

#1 Download the cruise line’s app before you board

Each cruise line has its own app to aid travelers on their journey at sea. Cruise line apps will contain the most pertinent and up-to-date information, including changes in the itinerary. According to The Points Guy,these apps work without paying for internet access which can be slow and unpredictable. Some apps allow you to make reservations and book activities. In addition, the apps will enable you to see a daily calendar of events.

#2 Choose the right cabin

The right cabin is essential for your comfort during your stay aboard. Cabins in the middle of the boat and on the lower decks are best for people prone to seasickness. Why? Because lower decks sway less than higher decks. 

Interior cabins are often far cheaper than those with balconies. The trouble is that they are windowless. If small, windowless spaces make you anxious, opt for a room with a window or balcony.

Cruzely suggests choosing a cabin on the upper decks because they are closer to the hub of the ship’s amenities. Staying close to the central promenade means easier access to restaurants, bars, shopping, and more. 

#3 Make reservations early

It is crucial to book reservations as early as possible to avoid disappointment during your time at sea. Do not wait until you are on the boat to book a massage at the spa. Most cruise lines allow you to book online months in advance. 

Reserving your place at a restaurant before you set sail ensures you won’t end up dining at 3:30 PM or at the spa at 5:30 AM. The longer you wait to make your reservation, the odder the reservation times will be. So take care of your reservations long before you leave the port, even if you cancel them later.

#4 Research ports in advance

Take the time to research port destinations before you board the ship. First, the internet signal is spotty and unreliable. You won’t have the easiest time perusing the internet on board, and you won’t want to! You will be busy having the time of your life. 

Knowing what you want to see and what you want to skip will ensure you have the best time possible at each port destination. Check websites like Yelp to help you decide what’s worth seeing. But remember, the cruise line’s itinerary can change quickly, including arrival and departure times at port due to weather and many other factors.

Consider how you will want to spend your time on land. Will you want to go shopping or check out the local cuisine? Knowing this before you arrive at each port will help you get the most out of your cruise.

#5 Sign up for private tours

Tours are often offered by cruise lines, but they are also offered by independent tour companies. If you want someone else to plan and execute different excursions, booking a tour is for you!

Booking a private tour with your cruise line is easy, but the tour groups are often large and impersonal. Independent tours are more intimate, with smaller group sizes and a more customized experience. In addition, third-party tours are often cheaper than those offered by the cruise line and have more options in terms of sightseeing and excursions.

Private tours are also an option. Independent tour companies often allow small groups of 6 or more people to book as a group. This means you will have the tour guide all to yourself and share the experience with only those you book as part of your group. If privacy and customization are important to you, you might enjoy a corporate charter altogether.

Take Away

Preparing for your cruise before you set sail will ensure you have a relaxing time aboard. Booking excursions months or weeks in advance will take the headache out of oddly placed dinners and early mornings at the spa, guaranteeing a great time charting the waters and seeing new destinations! 

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