What Happens During A Professional Roof Inspection?

August 16, 2022

Roof inspections are important because they can save lives and provide homeowners peace of mind, knowing their roofs are safe from potential damage. They are performed by professionals who inspect the roof structure and its components.

A roof inspection is essential in maintaining a home or commercial property. It helps inspectors identify problems before they become serious issues. The roof inspector can then make informed recommendations regarding repairs or replacements.

However, roof inspections are often overlooked during home improvement projects. This means that homeowners do not realize the need to have their roofs inspected until they notice damage or leaks. Sometimes, roof inspections are overlooked because homeowners do not know what they entail. So, here is what your local roofing company Phoenix does during a roof inspection.

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1. Structural Inspection

Here, your local roofing company Phoenix checks whether there are uneven or sagging roof planes. They also check the gutter system, fascia, and soffit condition. If you have masonry chimneys, the inspector should also check them for damage to crumbled grout, cracks, and chimney caps. A professional roof inspector can also examine the venting in the attic because improper venting causes moisture and heat buildup that decreases the roof’s lifespan. This magnifies the risk of the roof edge having ice dams.

2. Interior Inspection

This inspection is mostly done when you notice leaks in your roof. Roof leaks damage your home and should not be left unaddressed. So, your local roofing company Phoenix checks the ceiling, interior walls, and attic for rot, water stains, mold, and other water damage signs.

3. Material Inspection

Your local roofing company Phoenix inspects shingles to find whether some are missing. They also check for rust, stains, moss, and missing fasteners. If you notice shingle aggregate accumulated in the roof valley or at the gutter downspouts’ bottom, your roof is damaged. Also, the inspector checks the rubber seals around vent pipes to check for deterioration or gaps.

4. Workmanship Inspection

The skilled local roofing company Phoenix checks the roof for problems caused by the previous roofing professional. This includes situations that can increase leaks and future roof damage. Such issues could be incorrect flashing on skylights, chimneys, and vent pipes.

Roof Analysis

When the local roofing company Phoenix completes the inspection, they should provide you with a detailed report about your roof’s condition and the recommended replacements or repairs, if any, to prolong the roof’s life. The professional can check the roof physically or use a drone if the roof is steep. The drone flies near the roof and provides images and videos that the inspector examines for roof problems.

Other times require an infrared inspection, although it is more expensive than a regular roof inspection. This method highlights problems the human eye cannot see, like small leaks or cracks.


Roof inspections should happen annually during spring or fall to ensure the roof is safe and sound even if the rain and snow increase. The inspection prepares your home for storms, snow, or hurricanes. In addition, if you want to sell your home, a good roof will add value to the home. If you notice damage on your roof, call your local roofing company Phoenix to check and fix it immediately.

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