Why You Should Consider Custom Tents For Outdoor Dining

August 17, 2022

The Current Scenario

The hospitality industry took a major hit during the first few months of the COVID pandemic. Restaurants were closed and people’s movements were restricted across the globe. But with things looking better now, many restaurants have opened up and business is on full swing. Patrons are gathering in their favourite eateries once more. And people have gone back to enjoying the outdoors in their leisure time.  

Social Distancing: How to deal with the challenge

Social distancing has become a new norm in this era. Restaurants and diners are expected to accommodate guests, keeping this crucial health and safety measure in mind. Too many guests in a limited indoor space is an absolute no-no. For restaurants, the best way to handle this situation is by accommodating guests in an outdoor space. A sidewalk or a garden with outdoor seating arrangements can accommodate a large number of guests, while maintaining social distancing.

Outdoor dining is both safe and fun. But if you are a restaurant owner, how do you give your guests the best outdoor dining experience? Well, the answer is: by using custom tents! Custom canopy tents are transforming the outdoor dining scene for eateries across the world and why not! They come with a set of advantages that’s hard to beat.

Why Do Restaurants Need Custom Tents?

1. A safe shelter out in the open

Custom tents make for perfect shelter solutions. They block the sun and the rain, and provide cool shades for people to hang out. Accessories like pop up tents and gazebos are a must-have for outdoor events. If you are a brand owner participating in a trade show, having your own event tent is a must.

Restaurants stand to benefit a lot from outdoor canopy tents. These cool accessories let patrons enjoy the outdoor air without worrying about the sun’s heat or untimely showers. Studies suggest that eateries with safe outdoor seating arrangements attract more guests than those without them.

2. Increase seating capacity and earn more profits

Restaurants need to pull crowds. The more people come to your eatery, the more profitable your business becomes. But this can be a challenge for restaurant owners with social distancing regulations in place. You don’t want to turn away your guests just because your indoor seating capacity is full!

·         How do you accommodate a large number of guests without violating regulations?

·         How do you give your guests a cool and safe place to hang out?

The solution is, of course, the custom tent. If you are a restaurant owner, you can increase the seating capacity of your restaurant many folds by installing custom canopy tents in your patio. They let you:

·         Entertain guests even when your indoor space is full.

·         Seat your guests in a sprawling area, at a safe distance from each other.

·         Earn more profits by entertaining more guests.

3. Brand promotion

Custom printed pop up tents are a boon to businesses looking to expand their reach among potential customers. This goes for restaurants as well. How? Let’s understand.

·         If you are a restaurant owner, you want your patrons to associate with your brand.

·         An outdoor dining area with pop up tents, custom printed with your brand logo, creates a lasting impression.

·         Your business gets more visibility amid competition, and attracts more customers.

Outdoor tent manufacturers like Extreme Canopy, Australia, offer a wide range of bespoke services to their clients. You can have your tents in your preferred colours, and have your brand logo printed on them.

4. Give your guests a memorable experience

Who doesn’t love to dine in an outdoor setup?

An ambient lighting solution, and matching outdoor furniture can turn an outdoor tent into the best place to enjoy a dinner. Give your guests the experience of a lifetime in the shade of a beautiful outdoor event tents. Watch your business grow via word-of-mouth publicity.

What’s the best pop up tent for my business?

Whether you want to set up a curb side pickup, a street-food shelter or a full blown outdoor dining area, you need a temporary shelter solution that’s durable and cost effective. Our reviewers went ahead and tested a bunch of products, so that you can decide what’s best for your business.

1. The X5, X6 and X7 range of pop up canopy tents from Extreme Canopy

The X5, X6 and X7 range of pop up canopy tents can be a boon for businesses looking to create an outdoor setup. The polyester canopies block the sun and the rain effortlessly and come with a 1-year warranty.

The heavy duty steel frames ensure that the tents have a sturdy framework capable of withstanding trying weather conditions. And they also come with a 5-year warranty.

These tents are perfect for setting up a sprawling seating arrangement for restaurant goers, keeping social distancing norms in mind.

2. Commercial Café Umbrellas from Extreme Canopy

Whether you are planning to convert your patio into an outdoor café for your patrons, or just setting up a street-food counter, commercial café umbrellas from Extreme Canopy are accessories worth considering.

These cool accessories have canopies made of durable materials that block UV rays and sporadic showers without a fuss. They also have rigid frames made of marine grade aluminium or powder coated steel, giving these umbrellas unmatched longevity.


If you are a restaurant owner looking to maximise your profits in the post-pandemic era, you need to look at innovative options to boost business. Why leave money on the table, when you can create a cool outdoor setup with the help of custom tents?

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