From Runway to Real Life: 10 Must-Have Jewelry Styles to Elevate Your Wardrobe

October 20, 2023

The glitz and glamour of the runway spotlights the upcoming season’s biggest jewelry trends. While high-fashion looks don’t always translate seamlessly off the catwalk, there are many runway-inspired jewelry styles you can incorporate into your own wardrobe from affordable wholesale jewelry online collections. Read on for 10 must-have jewelry pieces straight from the runway that will take your outfits to the next level.

Statement Earrings

This season’s runways were all about attention-grabbing statement earrings. From chandeliers to hoops to geometric designs, bold earrings make any outfit runway-worthy. Look for dramatic shapes, mixed metals, and materials like resin or lucite for earrings that command notice. Sculptural drop earrings in abstract shapes also capture the runway vibe. Statement earrings allow you to accessorize with attitude—they become the focal point of your look. Try a pair of shoulder-dusting feather or tassel drop earrings for showstopping impact. Wholesale jewelry vendors are bringing these trending pieces to mass market by offering collections of statement earrings perfect for boutiques, pop-up shops and online retailers. All sorts of online wholesale earrings sites allow stores to purchase assorted pairs of runway-inspired earrings in materials like gold, silver and colorful gemstones to appeal to a wide customer base. Earring lots starting at $50 for 12 pieces allow small businesses to stock distinctive accessories at an affordable price point. Carrying trend-forward statement earrings empowers retailers to give customers eye-catching options to achieve stand-out looks all season long.

Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces of varying lengths provides high-impact styling straight from the catwalks. Recreate this look by stacking multiple chains, pendants, pearls and charms together. Try a mix of metals like gold, silver and rose gold for added interest. Include a variety of necklace styles like chokers, lariats and bibs. Necklaces with bold pendants in bright colors or unique shapes also help create dimension. Layered necklaces make a big statement without much effort. Play with combining thinner and thicker chains too for visual variety. This layered style allows wearers to showcase their personal flair through tactile mixing and matching. Short daintier pieces can sit higher up the neck near collarbones while longer statements drape lower. Bolder pendants and charms call attention down while delicate chains and baubles provide visual intrigue up close. With endless options for creative curation, the layered necklace trend encourages self-expression through modular styling updates. Wearers enjoy switching up their looks through playful reconfigurations reflecting shifts in mood or outfit. This customizable approach leaves plenty of room for individualism.

Chunky Cuffs

Thick, chunky bracelets and cuffs had a major fashion moment on the catwalks. Look for wide styles in materials like acrylic, wood, resin or acetate for the runway cuff trend. Metallic varieties in gold, silver and bronze also replicate the look beautifully. Try a set of mismatched cuffs in varying thicknesses and textures. Wear them on their own or stacked with thinner bangles for contrast. Thick cuffs add sculptural flair to any ensemble, drawing eyes to your wrists. This trend works well for outfitting boutique jewelry displays as the statement pieces catch the customer’s eye from a distance. Displaying sets containing 3-5 mixed metal or material cuffs together invites browsers to try layering the dramatic silhouettes. Chunky bangles also appeal to a wide audience, flattering all ages and styles. Stocking assortments containing versatile basics as well as eye-catching statement pieces empowers customers to find options suited to their individual fashion preferences. Whether worn solo or piled high, substantial cuffs make a lasting impression and keep the latest runway trends accessible to every wrist.

Piled-On Rings

No bare fingers were seen on the runway with models wearing stacks of skinny rings. Load up your fingers with mix of textured bands, gemstones, and metals. Go for an eclectic, asymmetrical stack with varying shapes and finishes. Rings with hammered or engraved detailing and raw-cut stones embody the edgy runway vibe. The more rings, the better for this eye-catching look. Play with mixing metals and textures like sleek gold with rough hammered silver. Your fingers will shine brighter than the catwalk with this jewelry trend.

Hoop Earrings

Hoops shine as one of the most ubiquitous jewelry staples year after year. Their prevalence on recent runways affirms hoops’ classic charm that never wavers in and out of popularity cycles. With availability in multiples of shapes, sizes, materials and aesthetics, wholesale hoop earrings allow self-expression to shine through personalized styling. Whether donning a singular soft huggie or piling on a monochrome stack, hoops flatter all face shapes and ages with their continuous oval framing. Craftsmanship details like hammered, etched or beaded accents imbue hoops with one-of-a-kind character fitting any occasion yet maintained in form. Unlike sharply on-trend pieces prone to fleeting buzz, hoops secure a future-proof spot amongst perpetually paired favorites in jewelry boxes. Their longevity in the industry indicates the staying power of simplicity elevated with meticulous construction. Always in vogue hoops continue empowering self-assurance through customization reflecting personal flair.

Boho Beaded Jewelry

Bohemian beaded jewelry accented numerous runway looks with their artisanal appeal. Wooden, semiprecious stone and shell beads strung together embodied earthy elegance. Layer long beaded necklaces for texture and color interest. Draped tassel earrings with leather or fabric strips also capture the wanderlust vibe of the runway. For the boho beaded trend, opt for bracelets, chokers, tassel earrings or anklets featuring natural materials and textures. This organic jewelry channels carefree, globetrotting spirit.

Chain Belts

Waist-cinching chain belts rank among the top runway trends to try. Drape layers of chains around your hips or waist to recreate this edgy look. Go for larger linked gold and silver chains to mimic the runway style. Add a matching chain choker necklace dripping with pendants for extra impact. Wrap a belt across your waist loosely, more like body jewelry than just a functional accessory. Chain belts toughen up any feminine ensemble with their rebellious vibe.

Jewel-Toned Gems

Vibrant jewel-toned gemstones made a splash on runways from emeralds to sapphires to rubies. Incorporate these dramatic gems into your wardrobe through statement necklaces, cocktail rings, or chandelier earrings. Look for candy-colored stones like hot pink tourmaline or citrine for cheaper options with similar dazzle. Deep colored gemstone jewelry instantly grabs attention, perfectly accessorizing any runway-inspired outfit.


No longer just for matrons, edgy pearl jewelry featured in many runway shows. Modern looks included layered pearl lariats, floaty pearl drop earrings and pearl hair accessories. Play with mixing pearls with metals like gold and rhinestones for fresh styling. Try different pearl colors too like white, black, peach or grey pearls. This classic gem has renewed appeal with limitless styling potential.

Pin Brooches

Lastly, don’t forget the impact of pinning on a brooch like runway models did. Look for an ornate vintage or modern statement brooch to affix to coats, sweaters, hats and more. Let your brooch become the focal point of your outfit. Opt for a large brooch full of sparkling stones, colored enamel or antique flair. Brooches deliver personalized flair to get your outfit runway ready.

The catwalk spotlights the hottest jewelry right now, but you don’t have to break the bank to try these trends. Shop vintage and secondhand stores to find similar statement pieces on a budget. Or explore affordable boutiques and jewelry brands to get the looks for less. With the right styling and accessories, your everyday outfits can emulate high fashion glam. So embrace these top jewelry trends straight from the glossy runway and make them uniquely you. Strut your own runway everywhere you go this season!

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