There’s More To Lingerie Shopping Than Just Knowing Your Bra Size

October 20, 2023

Finding the right bra size is important, but it is not the only important thing when it comes to shopping for lingerie that fits you, flatters you, and works with your favorite outfits. Achieving those goals requires you to find the right styles to go with your body type, as well as the ones that you should pivot to if you’re changing up your daily look for an occasion.

Know Your Breast Shape

A good bra fit quiz will include your breast shape as well as your measurements, and often with a visual aid to help you identify the best choice if you are unfamiliar with the terms. Your breast shape depends on several factors, so it can change as you build or lose muscle mass. For that reason, it’s a good idea to update your bra fit quiz results if you have been doing any exercises for weight loss or muscle gain.

  • Bell-shaped breasts are narrower at the top than the bottom and generally longer than they are wide at their widest point
  • Teardrop shapes are slightly wider at the bottom than the top and very well-rounded
  • East west chests are wide set with breasts that face outward, away from the center of the chest
  • Round boobs are just round, equally at the top and the bottom

There are a few more shapes that could be named in a complete list, but a fit quiz is a better place to review them. What is important is noticing that there are a few key features that differ from one shape to the next, and understanding how your body lines up with them is the key to finding the bra styles that will look great and feel comfortable.

Consider Your Lifestyle When Choosing a Bra

Matching the bra’s shape to your own is half the battle, but the other half is figuring out the finer points of sizing and style selection. If you live an active lifestyle and plan on doing physical work all day, you probably do not want to deal with a traditional underwire design. Similarly, if you work in a t-shirt or polo shirt every day, you probably want a t-shirt bra that works with the shape of your outfit while minimizing its appearance through clothing.

Sister Sizing To Fine-Tune Your Fit

If your measurements fit the size and your breast shape works with the style but you still have issues like a bra cup too big for your breast, the final step to finding the right fit is sister sizing. You might fit your exact measurements in one bra style and need a sister size for another simply because of where the support lies in each bra’s design. That helps you remain comfortable as you move between evening wear, active wear, and workwear.

The brand can make as big a difference as the style and the size. Check out what other customers have to say while you shop by reading Third Love reviews that give you insight into how each one will fit before you even order.

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