How To Curate The Ultimate Leather Travel Kit

August 29, 2022

Leather has been a preferred travel material for millennia due to its versatile nature and classic style. You cannot go wrong curating your travel kit from leather to show your sophistication and savviness for choosing a superior material. 

Leather is made to last, and your travel kit will take you around the globe many times over. You just need to know what to prepare to get started on your adventures.

You can purchase high-quality items from online stores like Trafalgar to start building your ultimate leather travel kit. Here are just a few items that you will want to bring with you:

  1. A leather wallet that fits in your front pocket

When traveling the globe, it is always smart to keep your money close to your person and within eyesight. Look for a leather wallet that fits discreetly in your front pocket to avoid getting pickpocketed. Bifold and credit card wallets are great options.

For added protection, purchase a wallet that blocks radio-frequency identification (RFID), so that thieves cannot scan through your wallet to take personally identifiable information and credit card numbers from your cards.

  • A briefcase or messenger bag

Nowadays, any trip longer than a weekend usually requires bringing along a laptop computer to connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi at your destination. Purchasing a briefcase from a leather store is an excellent choice. Leather is very sturdy and holds up to pushing and shoving bags, which often happens during travel. Leather will keep your laptop safe from spills and outside elements. It is also harder to cut through a leather bag, should a thief attempt to steal something quickly.

  • A travel kit bag

Once you have lined up all your personal items that you will not be placing in a TSA quart-size baggie, you need somewhere to put everything. A leather travel kit bag with interior pockets can help you organize any of your items, from electronics to toiletries. You might even want to purchase a few bags from a leather store and organize everything in your luggage.  

  • A leather passport holder

It is important to protect your passport while traveling and a leather passport holder is a great choice to keep the pages clean and crisp. The holder also has RFID to avoid having your information stolen electronically. 

  • A waist pack sling bag

For the same security reasons as placing your wallet in your front pocket, a waist pack sling bag from a leather store will protect your items by keeping them in front of you and within arm’s reach as you travel. A waist pack is much safer than wearing a backpack and also more convenient.

Purchase Your Travel Items from A Quality Leather Store

With these items in mind, you can visit the website of a quality leather store and purchase what you need in order to travel the world. Leather is a superior option for travel accessories, and you will find that you travel safer and more conveniently with these items for many years to come. 

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