How To Wear Dragon Rings?

August 29, 2022

Why dragon rings are so popular?

The dragon is a mysterious creature and plays a significant role in human civilization. When the dragon image is used to design rings, it can be worn on our fingers and we can recall the history and trace the human civilization.

All stories, photos, books, myths, and legends about dragons are discussed. People always have a strong thirst for knowledge about dragon legends.

In Chinese traditional culture, the dragon is a symbol of power, nobility, and honor. Therefore, ancient emperors liked to use the totem of the dragon to represent their dignity. The reason why the dragon has this cultural symbolic significance is closely related to the legend and myth that the dragon soars in the sky, chases the waves in the sea, and calls the wind and rain in the world. 

Besides, the emperor compares himself to the “son of the real dragon”. Everything in their life is related to the dragon, The clothes they wear are called “dragon robes”, the chairs they sit on are called “dragon chairs”, and the cars and boats they ride are called “dragon chariots” and “dragon boats”. In short, all things related to their daily life are crowned with the word “dragon” to show their superior privileges.

The Viking dragon represents rebirth. In the Viking culture, a “Dragon” is strong, dangerous, brave, and aggressive. This is just like the Vikings who worship dragons. They are strong and dangerous. Their colonies are all over Europe, and then they rapidly decline under the resistance of European kingdoms. “The image of the dragon has almost disappeared in the daily social life of Denmark, but when we see the dragon, we think of the Viking era. It represents the personality of the Vikings.”

How do I know the size of the ring?

Take a piece of rope and measure it at the bottom of the finger you want to wear a new dragon ring. Measure with a soft ruler and match with the dimension table below.

How to choose the right dragon ring style?

If you have thick and short fingers, you can opt for a larger dragon ring.

If your fingers are thin and long, choose a smaller dragon ring. Do not choose rings that are too thick and bulky.

If your fingers are the right size and length, you can choose any dragon ring style without worrying worry if it fits.

How to wear multiple dragon rings or balance other jewelry?

When you wear multiple rings or other dragon jewelry, please keep the balance of your left and right hand. For example, you wear a bracelet on your left hand and a ring on your right hand to maintain balance. When it comes to wearing multiple animals rings, you can wear three to four on both hands.

Which finger is the dragon ring on?

The right hand is usually considered the “body”, and the left hand is usually considered the “brain”. Left Hand represents belief and personality. Generally speaking, the dragon ring is worn on the left hand, but it still depends on your original habits.

Let us discuss the meaning of each finger.

  • Little finger

The little finger usually represents wisdom. Wearing the dragon ring on the little finger can express one’s superiority, wisdom, and excellent listening ability. However, please note that the little finger is thin. Therefore, selecting a soft and delicate dragon can work better.

  • Ring finger

The ring finger usually represents creativity and love. In many societies, the ring finger is used to wear engagement rings and wedding rings. Another view is that the ring finger is the road to the soul and represents the eternal bond.

  • Middle finger

The middle finger is the longest, boldest, and most popular finger. The middle finger represents balance and order.

  • Index finger

The index finger usually represents power and leadership. In many places in history, the index finger was designated to wear rings.

  • Thumb

In society, a man wearing a ring on his thumb is a symbol of wealth and social influence, so you can wear a dragon ring on your thumb to show your personality and make yourself stand out from the crowns.

Final words

If you are looking for a dragon ring to express your personality, you can look at this dragon ring shop and choose a piece of jewelry you like. In addition to the unique dragon ring, we also recommend other animal rings, such as lion, tiger, cat, and others.

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