What To Expect When Venturing The Tea Route Tour Of Mauritius?

September 2, 2022

Bois Chéri, the first tea plantation in Mauritius is a must-visit place at least once in a lifetime. The biggest tea producer in Mauritius, Bois Chéri dates back to 1892. The marvels of the place not only fascinate you with stories and tales about tea production but also allow you to view the picturesque island of the south, leaving you speechless. 

This article discusses what to expect when venturing the Mauritius tea route. Bois Chéri allows you to taste the most amazing tea flavors in the world. The tour also include other visits in the south of Mauritius like Chamarel & Vallee des couleurs.

Location and climate

South of Port Louis, the capital city, at an altitude of 435m from sea level, Bois Chéri has a tropical climate. The warmest month of the year in Bois Chéri is February with an average high temperature of around 28.5°C. The coldest months are July and August with an average low temperature of 23.3°C. It gets hot and rainy from January to March, while a little cooler from June to September. 

Thus, you can expect a moderate temperate in almost all seasons, except for peak months of summer, which are perfect for a tea route tour!

Accommodation and food

From lodges to 5-star hotels, you can get the accommodation that suits you the best. Villas and resorts will also contribute to your luxurious trip.

One can get food of any variety during the visit. Authentic Mauritian cuisine, the most amazing food should be surely tried by every tourist to get the real essence of the visit tea route tour in Mauritius.

Cost of the visit

A trip to the tea route will cost around $300 approximately in average for a single person. The cost may vary according to the activities you indulge in Mauritius, the food you take, and your choice of accommodation.

When compared to other visiting locations like Maldives and Bali, Mauritius is way cheaper. The only significant amount is spent usually on flight tickets!

What is the right time to visit the Tea Route Tour of Mauritius?

The right to take a tea route tour in the aromatic place, the right months are expected to be from June to September as the climate favors the visit perfectly. The walk in the tea garden is a difficult task if the weather is extremely hot. So, cooler months are suggested for the tea route tour, which will enhance your visit experience to a greater extent.

How to get to the Tea Route Tour of Mauritius? 

The lush tea plantation in Bois Chéri is an easily accessible destination. To get to this divine place is a 40-minute ride from the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis. The other way to get to this place is by bus, which will take about an hour from the capital. If not a drive, one could also take a light rail enjoying the beautiful scenarios on the way. 

What to do during the Tea Route Tour of Mauritius?

The tea route is no less than a perfect resemblance to heaven. The very first attraction of the place is its valuable natural beauty. A place that allows you to walk in nature, and relieve stress amidst the aromatic tea plantation is a must-visit destination. 

  • Take a Hike

Taking a hike in the tea garden, you can enter into conversations with the tea pickers expanding the horizon of your knowledge about types of tea, spices, and tea plantation. The idea about the stages of tea production like withering, fermentation, drying, and sieving can be gained by staying close to nature.

  • Domaine des Aubineaux

The second attraction of the place is Domaine des Aubineaux. This was a colonial house, which is recently converted into a museum. The museum adds glory to tea production as it preserves its history. Not only the history, but it also has a treasure of information about the contribution of tea production to the modernization of Mauritius, the storehouse of tea spices, and the international trade of Mauritius due to tea production. 

If you are one of those who does not enjoy a visit to a museum, still this museum will surely attract you with its beauty and uniqueness.

  • Tea Factories

The factories that produce tea can be witnessed during the visit. The fascinating process of tea production, the old machines, photos, tables, and documents from the 19th Century will amaze you. 

  • Tasting Tea

Talking about the most amazing activity that you can indulge in during the visit is tea tasting. You take a tea route tour and do not taste the tea, how uncool is it?

The tea you taste will make your taste buds crave these flavors even long after the visit. The tea route tour has so much to offer to make your visit one of the most beautiful memories that you will always treasure in your heart as a warm feeling.


A tea route tour is one of the most satisfying experiences. A visit to the tea route of Mauritius will leave you with marks of happiness, memories, a whole lot of information about tea production, and an indelible experience. This article explored what you can expect on your next tea tour to Mauritius. We hope your journey is safe and adventurous. 

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