How To Stop Shoes From Hurting The Back Of Your Ankle

September 12, 2022

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Work boots are a great choice for everyone working in a harsh outdoor environment. These boots are heavy, durable, and comfy. Work boots are usually worn to protect the feet from serious workplace injuries. 

However, sometimes these boots can be extremely uncomfortable. When you keep wearing boots the whole day, the leather of the boots rubs the back of your heels and tears the skin causing blisters. If you leave them untreated, they can be infected. 

Fortunately, you can stop work boots from rubbing the back of your heels by using plenty of ways. For instance, wear thick socks to add extra protection layers, insert soft insoles, apply duct tape, use moleskin, and many more. 

In this article, I’ll explain how to stop work boots from rubbing the back of your heel. Furthermore, I’ll share some super easy ways to prevent the rubbing of heels as much as possible.  

Ways to stop work boots from rubbing your heels

To stop work boots from rubbing the back of your heels and causing throbbing pain, here are some amazing ways that can help you; 

Wear thick socks 

The most effective and quick way to prevent the rubbing of heels is to wear thick socks. Socks will act as a barrier between your heels and the hard material of your boots. 

Putting on a thick soft pair of socks will reduce the friction and prevent blisters. Besides that, socks minimize the impact and pressure of boots on your feet the whole day. 

Wool socks are a great option indeed. These socks are soft and absorb extra moisture from your feet leaving them dry and comfortable for longer. 

Tighten your shoelaces

Tightening the shoelaces is the easiest and quick way to stop work boots from rubbing your heels. When you wear poor-fitting boots, the back of the heel rubs against the boots and causes friction. 

As a result of this friction, the skin of your heel tears and forms blisters that can be extremely painful and frustrating. 

Therefore, to avoid these problems, always make sure you tie the shoelaces tightly. It will give a perfect fitting and keep your feet in place for longer. 

Insert an insole

Insoles provide you with an excellent fit and reduce the area between your heel and the back of your shoes. Soft insoles minimize friction and provide you with ease of walking and comfort. 

You can buy soft insoles from any shoe store or health store near your house. It is available in various shapes and sizes. 

Choose the shoes with the right fitting

Wearing work boots that fit perfectly is an excellent way to stop the rubbing of your heels. Tightly fit boots keep your feet in place and reduce friction. Whereas poorly fit boots rub against your heels and cause pain, blisters, and scars that take a few weeks to heal properly. 

Use moleskin 

Moleskin is a thick adhesive cotton tape that you can stick to the heels of your work boots to minimize the friction between your heels and the boots. It also improves the fitting and reduces pressure on your feet while working. 

Moleskin is soft, durable, and long-lasting. It usually comes in different colors, shapes, and thicknesses so you can purchase the one that matches your demands. 

Use a duct tape 

Duct tape is a smooth and durable tape that you can use as a bandage to avoid rubbing your heels. Before going to work, cut some duct tape and stick it to your foot. It will reduce friction and prevent pain, blisters, and scars. 

Keep in mind, if you already have blisters, do not apply duct tape on them because they won’t heal with them. 

Insert a piece of cardboard 

Inserting a piece of cardboard into your boots is an amazing way to prevent heel pain and injuries. Cut the pieces of cardboard according to the size of your heel and insert them into your boots before wearing them. It will keep your feet comfortable and pain-free the whole day.

Stretch the back of your boots 

This method is extremely easy and effective especially if you have leather work boots. All you have to do is take a hair dryer and heat the back of your boots for a few minutes. 

Wear a thick pair of socks and put your feet in the boots. Walk around the house for some time until the back of your boots gets cold and comfortable. The perfect fitting of boots will provide you the ease of walking through the day and prevent heel pain. 

Wrap up 

Work boots can be extremely uncomfortable when you keep wearing them all day. The leather of these boots can tear your heel skin and cause blisters. 

To stop your work boots from rubbing the back of your heels, there are some super amazing ways such as you can insert soft insoles in your boots to minimize the area between the boot and your heel. 

You can wear thick socks, apply moleskin, or duct tape or you can insert a piece of cardboard in your boots, etc to prevent this frustrating problem. 

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