Add To Cart: Five Best Types Of Shoes That You Should Have

May 12, 2021

There are many things to consider when buying new shoes. Some people buy to collect limited editions, while others buy to upgrade their fashion style. Regardless, you cannot exclude the fact that shoes are a necessity and life will not be the same without them. Shoes sometimes help us showcase our personality if we are a fun or serious type of person.

Not only that, there are countless types of shoes out there, from sneakers to boots, and each type has a different purpose and design. With that said, this makes it hard for some to choose the best shoes that suit them as not all shoes might be perfect for a specific occasion. With that in mind, here are the best types of shoes that you should have.


You will know that it is a good pair of shoes when they are durable and comfortable. And what is the most comfortable and durable shoes out there? It is the sneakers, of course. If this shoe is food, it will be the comfort food we always crave, because one cannot resist the temptation of having a pair of sneakers; who can blame them? This type of footwear complements every outfit you have, whether you’re rocking a casual look or dressing up with a stylish touch, and classics like the Nike Air Max 90 never fail to deliver both comfort and style.

With that said, you may be thinking right now, what are the best sneakers available? Okay, let us get to the point, the best sneakers today are the latest Nike SB Skate Shoes. These sneakers have the most designs and patterns which you will not have a problem finding a match for your outfit. In addition, these sneakers are not only best for skateboarding, but also an excellent fashion choice that will surely become a highlight when you walk into the city.

Boat Shoes

Are you having a rough day at the office, because your job requires a lot of standing and walking? Then treat yourself with boat shoes. They are comfortable in terms of walking around and never-ending standing. While this footwear was initially designed for boat decking, they are now famous mainly in the office, because of their comfort and it is very easy to move when you wear them.

In addition, when considering footwear like the Nike Dunk Low, it’s a good idea to pair them with no-show socks, especially because these shoes are low-cut. While they usually complement shorter pants, don’t hesitate to try them with longer trousers too. Notably comfortable for office wear, they also blend seamlessly with various office uniforms. The key is selecting the right color scheme that harmonizes with your workplace attire, instantly integrating Nike Dunk Low into your fashion-forward work ensemble.


Galoshes are the perfect shoes for the rainy season. While you do not have to wear them all the time, it is a good idea to bring them with you for when the rain comes; you are always ready to go. However, do not get confused with rain boots and galoshes. Rain boots were designed to protect you from rain only, while the latter protects you from rain and snow. 

Besides, galoshes are considered boots that can go over your other footwear, which means they cover up your shoes to protect them from mud and rain. Lastly, the greatest advantage of having galoshes and why you can ensure you will have one is they are affordable yet provides you an all-around convenience.


Since it is summertime, one of the best footwear that would surely suit you is sandals, because they let your feet breathe during this hot season. In addition, since this is the best season for vacation, you do not have to worry much about what footwear you use, as long as you have sandals because you can easily slip on and slip off them.

Not only that, regardless of your gender, sandals would blend perfectly in whatever outfit you decide, because they are stylish and classy. For example, you wear jeans or shorts; you do not have to worry about how you look since sandals can look superb on everything. So if you are looking for casual footwear that is an all-around win, your best choice is sandals.

Trail Runners

You might be wondering why hiking boots did not make the lists; the reason is that trail running shoes have overpowered them. Back then, hiking boots were the best option for hikers and campers. However, they find it very heavy and hard to move. With that said, hikers look for lightweight shoes that can help you move and run comfortably, and they found trail running shoes to be the best option.

Not only that, when its name flourished in the market, it became one of the best-selling outdoor shoes. Nevertheless, you can not take hiking boots out of the picture when you talk about outdoor adventures. Why? Because there are many things to consider when you go on hiking before buying outdoor shoes, like the terrain on your trails, how fast you are going, and your body type. But regardless, most hikers prefer to have trail running shoes.


There are many types of shoes out there that you can choose from. However, those mentioned above are the best ones that you should have. While it is good to ask yourself if you need them, it is still a good idea to always be prepared for whatever occasion that might come. And one of the best preparation you can have is to have those shoes mentioned piled up in your shoe rack.

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