How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Ballet Flats

March 27, 2017

Ballet flats are one of those timeless, must-haves that you can pair with almost any outfit. Flats are going to be your wardrobe’s best friend and an easy go-to when you are running late and want to look stylish or put together. Whether you are looking for a classic, polished look for work, something elegant and romantic for date night, or aiming for an everyday cute and casual, these are the answer to your prayers. Unfortunately, these chic, closet staples can prove to be a dud if you do not know what to consider when shopping for a new pair.

So, what should you keep in mind when picking out the perfect pair? Follow these tips and you will be ready to hit the runways (or the sidewalk) in no time:

Cost And Investment 

Something I have learned about cheap flats is that although they are ridiculously affordable (at some retailers $9 a pair), they tend to have a short life-span, because they are poorly made. They are not a sustainable investment, as they will need to be replaced fairly often.

When you are choosing the best pair of ballet flats consider investing a little more for a versatile pair you can wear often and coordinate with your essential outfits. Go for solid or neutral colors, as those neon-pink-zebra-print flats may only go with that one, cute top.

When you are browsing the web, read the reviews of other shoppers, as people love to rave about a pair they really treasured. Do your research, as “most expensive” does not always equate to “best value” and you can absolutely find an affordable, well-made pair. So, pay your feet forward and your wallet will thank you later.


How many of us have chosen a pair of shoes based on how they look or cost, versus their overall comfort, later dealing with aching arches and unbearable blisters? I know the old adage tells us that “pain is beauty”, but I am confident that we can be both cozy and fashionable.

Some pairs tend to be more stiff and offer more arch support, while some are super flexible. Look for flats that will not bulge in the middle or create gaps along your arches when you are walking. Be mindful of how much “give” they have, as you will only want the front third to bend, unless they are specifically designed to be bent in half or packed away for travel.

Make sure they are not too tight and after purchasing your pair, you can throw on a pair of no-show liners to avoid stinky feet and pesky heel blisters.


Ok, so I know I just gave you a ton of information on the importance of comfort and cost, but hopefully shopping can be fun and exciting too! There are so many styles of flats out there, ranging from simple and chic, to fun and funky, to positively elegant.

Do not think that you are obligated to purchase the “everyday flat”, because of its practicality if what you really want is something more extravagant. Alternately, even if you are sticking with solid colors, you can find some fantastic all-the-time flats. My point is, your pair does not have to be boring to make a fashion statement, so peruse for the perfect pair that fit your personality and needs.

Go Get ‘Em

Whatever your budget may be, my hope is that you find this article helpful and can put your best foot forward. It can be overwhelming to sort through the surplus of options that are accessible to us, but be patient and do your research because you may end up finding an absolute steal!

Chris Phipps is a content writer for and is passionate about fashion, with a keen eye for bargains and great deals to be had!

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