Six Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

September 13, 2022

The run-up to birthday time is full of excitement, and if you have decided to throw your little one a birthday party, but need some ideas, this post is for you! 


Having a birthday party at home is one of the most cost-effective ways to have a birthday party, but it does come with the clean-up! Home parties can be any theme you like, which is a huge bonus, but it also means you will be doing all the food prep and will need to dispose of all of the post-party decorations. Just because they want a Dora The Explorer party this year, does not mean you will be able to re-use them next year. 

Town Hall

If you have a local church hall that is available for parties – this can be a great option. You will still need to do the setup and the clean up, but it does mean you won’t have lots of children and adults in your home for hours. It also means that you will only have a set amount of time that you can use the hall for. 

Typically there are a few parking spaces, and they are easy to get to too. It is a bit more expensive than having a party at home, but you get to head home and relax on your sofa once it is all over. 


Having a smaller gathering at a petting zoo or a larger zoo can be perfect. You will not need to set up or clean up, as that is included in the price. The selection of food might be a little more limited to chicken nuggets and fries, but they usually cater to vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies too. 

Not to mention that the kids will all get to see the animals for a few hours! 

Experience Parties

If your child and their friends are usually very active and love things like dance, gym, obstacle courses, and more, then look for a local one that offers birthday parties. Since the spaces are used for many activities, they usually have air-conditioning, first aid, and plenty of trained staff to ensure the kids are all safe while they are enjoying their activities. 

Some even offer party packages that include food, games, and more. 

Escape Rooms

There are escape rooms that are designed for all ages. This means your little adventurer can test their wits against some of the most enjoyable and tricky puzzles around. Escape rooms have become increasingly popular! With this type of activity, usually, you’ll book food somewhere nearby after making your great escape. 

Soft Play

If you have little ones that love climbing and ball pits and want them to be able to play somewhere safe, then a soft play center is usually great. Often though, they do not only have your child’s party, they will still be open to the public, but you may have a separate eating area. 

Softplay can be hassle-free for most parents, as there is an allocated time for playing, food can be served, and if you are lucky, your children might take a nap after this one! 

Children’s birthday parties are a lot of fun, and there are ideas to suit every budget – just keep in mind party bags – so everyone has something to take away. 

Here are some more tips to help you put on the best party ever: How to Make Your Party a Success | My Beautiful Adventures 

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