Tips For Flawless Nails While Traveling

September 21, 2022

Naturally, when we get a manicure before a vacation, we hope that it will stay looking its best throughout our trip. A chipped or broken nail can seem so trivial, however, it can be a huge annoyance during your travels. The good news is that it is totally possible to have beautiful nails on all your adventures. Here are some tips to keep your manicure in tip top shape while traveling to ensure your nails always look flawless and you do not have to carve any time out of your itinerary to get your nails done. 

Go Nude

When it comes to choosing a nail color for your travels, bold or bright colors may seem like a fun choice but chips and regrowth tend to be more obvious, which only shortens the time it actually looks good. To really get the most out of your mani and extend the wear of it, go nude. A great nude polish basically camouflages your nail bed making chips and regrowth virtually invisible. To get the perfect nude for your skin tone opt for a color one or two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. 

Opt For Dip Powder

Not all manicures are created equal. If you’re going on a long trip, it is best you skip the conventional polishes and opt for a long-lasting manicure option like SNS dip powder instead. Dip powder has the flexibility of gel and the durability of acrylic, allowing your manicure to stay in place, chip-free for over 2 weeks, (sometimes even up to a month). Because of its resin-like finish, dip powder also provides an extra layer of protection on your natural nail preventing it from breaking during your adventures. 

Keep Your Nails Short

This may seem like a no brainer but longer nails have the tendency to break easier than shorter ones. However, you do not have to go super short. Opt for a nail length you are comfortable with and will not get in the way of any activities that could cause them to break. 

Reapply Top Coat

This one is probably one of my favorite hacks and it’s so simple. Apply a clear chip-resistant top coat to your nails every two to three days. This will prevent chips and keep your manicure looking glossy and fresh as the day you got it done. 

Keep A Nail File In Your Bag

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that a nail will chip or break from time to time. In this case, prevention is key. If your nail is chipped and you have downtime traveling around you may be more prone to pick or peel at your chip only making it worse. To keep your nails looking their best and prevent any chips from getting worse, keep a nail file in your bag for easy on-the-go fixes. Simply file away the chipped part of your nail and apply a clear top coat to the entire nail to prevent it from getting worse. 

Apply Cuticle Oil

Keeping your hands and cuticles is vital to keep your manicure looking healthy and fresh, and this is especially true when traveling. Different climates and flying can take a toll on your skin, drying out your skin and cuticles. When your cuticles are dry, you may also be more prone to pick at them, which can wreak havoc on that manicured nails. Try to apply cuticle oil and hand cream regularly throughout your trip to keep your nails looking their best. You can buy the best cuticle oil of your choice from Universal Nail Supplies at affordable prices.

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