List Of Destinations For An Incredible Winter Vacation In 2023

September 22, 2022

Winter is slowly approaching, which means you should already start planning your vacation this year. The good news here is that international tourism is slowly recovering after the Covid-19 outbreak. So why shouldn’t you go to a winter wonderland or a warm paradise along the coastline? 

Do not miss your chance! Get ideas for a family trip, a romantic getaway, or a solo weekend abroad. Discover the best destination for winter vacation 2023 below. 


The first popular destination for an unforgettable winter vacation this year is the UAE. Last year the number of international tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates reached 19 million people. This country is a perfect option for families with children or young couples who want to escape the cold weather. 

The UAE offers entertainment for everyone. This country is suitable both for those who prefer lying on the beach and for active recreation lovers. Generally, tourists love the Emirates for the following exclusive activities:

  • Camel ride 
  • Safari in the desert
  • Architecture and museums 
  • Hot air balloon ride 
  • Gorgeous real estate in Dubai
  • “Dinner in the sky” experience 
  • Yacht tours along Dubai’s cost

Also, Dubai is one of the biggest hubs for luxury shopping. So if browsing through boutiques is your passion, you should visit the city from January to February when the Shopping Festival takes place. 

Make sure you choose a decent place to stay — get help from Metropolitan Real Estate or any other top real estate agency if you want to have a truly enjoyable trip.


Another top-rated destination for a winter vacation in 2023 is France. It is one of the best places to go for a romantic winter getaway but also suitable for family trips. France is one of the most visited countries, with around 30 million visitors each year. 

It is a big country with various regions. Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Monaco, and Alps are the main French tourist destinations, namely:

  • Skiing in the Alps 
  • Christmas markets in almost every city or village
  • Skiing in Pyrenees
  • Turkey festival “Fête de la Dinde” in Licques (Pas-de-Calais)
  • Night masses at Notre Dame during the Christmas season

France is perfect when it comes to Gothic architecture, a huge variety of ski resorts, hundreds of colorful carnivals, and countless Christmas markets. 


Japan is among the best options for a winter vacation in 2023. The uniqueness of Japanese culture and lifestyle is famous all over the world. It may not be the most obvious destination for a winter vacation, but you will find ways to entertain yourself very quickly. 

Japan combines spots for a sea vacation and snow activities. Here is the list of what is offered during the winter season in Japan:

  • Snow festivals (Sapporo, Kamakura, Lake Shikotsu)
  • Visiting Jigokudani Monkey Park
  • Sumo Grand tournament 
  • First blooming cherry blossoms at Kawazu City
  • Sightseeing Cruise in Okhotsk Sea 

Given the variety of activities, Japan is the most suitable for family trips and solo vacations.


A perfect way to skip the cold winter season is to travel to Bali. Green trees, warm water, and relaxation all year round is an accurate description of this magical island. Bali is a perfect place to spend your winter vacation with a bunch of friends or your partner. Here you will find both romantic activities and a lot of fun that never ends. 

From December to February your to-do list in Bali looks like this:

  • Visit the famous Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Enjoy numerous beaches during the low season
  • Go on the Bali Safari journey
  • Go to a music festival 
  • Explore Mount Batur hiking routes 

Also, Bali is quite cheap in terms of prices for prodicts, so you can come here to shop at the famous Asian markets.


Winter in Australia is quite different from what people are used to in the Northern Hemisphere. Here you can find snowy and cold or dry and warm weather, depending on which part of Australia you choose for the vacation. 

This country is an equally good fit for those who love active recreation and beach lovers. Check out what you can do in Australia during the winter season of 2023:

  • Observe penguins from a close distance 
  • Walk down the Overland Track
  • Visit the Kangaroo Island
  • Dive to look at The Great Barrier Reef
  • Drive over the dunes in the Simpson Desert

Note that coming here in winter has a great perk: you can expect fewer tourists than in summer or spring. 


If you wish to experience the frosty magic of a real winter, you should definitely come to Finland, where local people know a thing or two about it. It is a perfect country for a romantic weekend, solo travels, and family trips during the winter season. There is much more to do than just go to the Santa residence, for example:

  • Spend a night in the Ice hotel 
  • Try dog sledding
  • Explore a finish sauna
  • Take a look at the northern lights

Also, do not hesitate to take a look at the outstanding architecture Finland has to offer. 

To Sum Up

All mentioned destinations guarantee an exceptional experience that will help you relax, see new things, and enjoy yourself. It does not matter what kind of weather you prefer, as some countries combine sandy beaches and snowy mountains. So, pick one or a few countries, book your stay, and enjoy winter 2023!

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