Why Should You Purchase A League Account Instead Of Levelling One?

September 22, 2022

Do you know the first league of legend account that you have tried? As a first-time LOL player, leveling up the account is the essential thing you can do to improve the game. It enhances your fighting against bots experience and slows down the fight’s transitioning with real players who have just started learning.

No doubt leveling up has given a good foundation to beginners, but definitely, some players don’t want to go through the process, and for them buying a league of legend account is the best alternative instead of leveling the process from scratch.

Moreover, when buying a league account, you will witness several reasons which will justify why you should buy a league account instead of levelling up.

How to buy a league of legend account?

Many people do not know how to buy a league of legend account and don’t trust doing this. But buying a LOL account is a great option if you start leagues all over again.

 No doubt the idea of getting scammed is present, but you can easily prevent it by looking for the trusted league of legend account seller. Buying a LOL account is an alternative to leveling up if you are playing as a new server.

Why should someone buy a league of legend account?

Many people are not convinced with the idea of buying a LOL account. But somehow, it is way better than leveling up. This is because there is a lot of misconception about buying a league of legend account online, and often, people consider it a wastage of money. But that is completely not true. Several reasons prove why you should buy a league of legend account.

Saves time

Leveling up the levels takes at least 40 hours. That means it is equal to 60 games in the queue timers, and this also means that you haven’t used the EXP boost to eliminate the time. Therefore players who don’t have a flexible schedule consider buying a LOL account is saves a lot of time.

As a beginner, you might need to spend a few hours per day playing low-level games which isn’t a good idea. But with buying, you can enjoy real games without hassle.

Zero efforts

Now the players don’t need to try low-level games. But, no doubt, winning a game will give you a better experience than losing a game. It isn’t worth playing with players who don’t know what is jungle even. In that case, buying a league of legend account will upgrade your level, and you’ll play with real players.

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