Home Heating And Boiler Installation In The UK

September 29, 2022

With rising energy prices in the UK, it is becoming more difficult to keep your home warm. This is especially true if you have a gas boiler. While it might seem overwhelming at first, upgrading your boiler can optimise your heating system and help reduce your monthly energy costs.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, a new boiler can save you as much as £580 for a detached house and £150 for a flat.

It is important to choose the best boiler replacement in order to maximize your savings. This article will explain how and what kind of boiler you need.

Why should you change your boiler?

Ofgem’s April price cap saw a 54% rise in UK energy prices. In October 2022, a further rise in £1 578 is expected. This will increase the household’s average annual energy consumption to £3,549.

A heating system that is efficient will help you reduce your heating costs. Modern boilers can achieve efficiency rates as low as 92% thanks to condensing technology.

This allows heat from combustion to be captured and used for energy generation.

Only 8% of the fuel is wasted with 92% efficiency. This is compared to losses of up to 30% when you rely upon inefficient boilers.

Below are the top reasons you should replace your boiler by 2022.

  • Your energy costs can be reduced by up to £580 per year
  • Increase the value and appeal of your home
  • Energy efficiency can be improved up to 30%
  • You can increase the safety of your home
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

According to the manufacturer, new boilers come with the most advanced, custom features. These features include advanced heating controls. These features will allow you to have greater control over your heating system, and make it easier to manage.

Modern boilers produce fewer harmful pollutants than older models, such as nitrogen oxide (NOx). This reduces the environmental impact of your home’s collective heating system and increases safety.

Boiler replacement covers supply and installation of the new boiler, as well as the removal and disposal of the old one. In most cases, this will not be possible to afford. It is also difficult to find accurate and fair rates for installers. It is important to search for the best installers for you, then have them assess your home and give you their estimates. To get the best price on installation, it is a good idea for you to request multiple quotes.

Heating your home effectively

It is not always a good idea just to get a newer boiler. A boiler that is 60-70% efficient can still be great. Our guide to the best combi boiler will help you determine how efficient your boiler is.

These are the three main points to remember:

  1. Condensing boilers can be as efficient as 89% or higher, but only a few homes can achieve this. We can install boilers ranging from 18 to 24 kW. Why condensing heating boilers do not condense.
  2. How long does it take to pay the boiler replacement costs? You may be able to recoup your investment in a few years if you are able to save £200 annually on your energy bills. The new boiler cost warranty does not include any repair obligations. It is important that the boiler be properly sized and paired with compatible modulation control.
  3. Consider this for those who are environmentally conscious: Even though a boiler may be slightly less efficient than current standards it will still have a lower impact on the environment than producing a new one. This is especially true when you take into account points 1 and 2.
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